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Campfire spray smells just fantastic. One whiff will take you back to your childhood memories. The room sprays are the ideal way to immediately refresh your house, auto, office, and locker. Room sprays can go anywhere. The room sprays are designed to be long lasting and very solid, with simple ingredients.

Campfire spray details:


campfire spray
  • A fast supply of fragrance for home, car, office, locker, whatever you want.
  • Our room sprays are good and made with quality ingredients
  • Each bottle comprises 3.5 oz of fragrant room spray
  • Packaged in a strong black plastic bottle with a pump sprayer
  • Fragrance: Campfire Smoke smells just like the real world. One whiff will take you back to childhood of camping tours and roasting marshmallows over an open area.
  • Scent: Scented
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: CANDEO
  • Item:Spray




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Campfire Spray Amazon Review:

OMG ! I’m so glad.

I’ve used a lot of “campfire” scented items, but this is the first, I loved it. It has tones of woods or fresh sawdust as well, but the primary scent is legit wood smoke.

If you are watching out for a sugar woodsy fragrance, this is not for you. This is your tent and your garments after a few days on the trail. Simply love it.

It’s reality that the scent doesn’t smell for very long – but that’s fine. For me, it’s a fast pick-me-up vibe of sensory therapy. For a few minutes, I’m camping in the forest, and all is right with the earth.

Bottom Line:

This product is very popular in United States of America. We have seen a lot of positive reviews and satisfied customers.

Is campfire spray durable?

No, it's not but it is cheaper. The fragrance of campfire spray is outstanding. It is an instant mood lifter.

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