What Lines? Atlanta

October 8th-November 8th, 2017 at the Woodruff Art Center of Atlanta.

My hope is that people of all ages will be moved by my first solo show. Inviting viewers to envision a future where “this is no longer that, and that is no longer this” via the use of acrylic and oil paints. The people who wrote these pieces did so because they wanted to challenge their own ideas and learn more about the world.

71x55 Oil on Acrylic
71×55 Oil on Acrylic


40x36 Oil (Sold)
40×36 Oil (Sold)


55x43.5 Acrylic
55×43.5 Acrylic


36x30 Mixed Media (Sold)
36×30 Mixed Media (Sold)


30x30 Acrylic
30×30 Acrylic


55.5x42 Oil on Acrylic (Sold)
55.5×42 Oil on Acrylic (Sold)


55.5x50 Mixed Media
55.5×50 Mixed Media


36x30 Acrylic (Sold)
36×30 Acrylic (Sold)


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