Content Policy

Every news story on the website undergoes a thorough screening procedure to ensure its accuracy. Leaks and private reports are labelled correctly so that our viewers can tell the difference between facts that can be checked and market gossip.

Before writing any post, we check that the material is relevant and correct. Prior to the writing, we verify information and always dig down to the actual author (and relevant materials, if necessary). Even if other media outlets present unverified information as official confirmation, we require 100 percent proof before claiming it. We do not publish spam.

Our headlines may be aggressive, but we do not make generalizations merely to appear bold. It must be accurate and thoroughly fact-checked. In addition to giving you the news, XVOLA articles also give you some background information that helps you understand why the story is important to you.

XVOLA is made up of authors who have worked in different parts of the entertainment business. They all love entertainment and want to give our site’s readers the best and most entertaining content possible.

Our authors and producers are industry professionals who ensure that each new story has the most up-to-date information, the most reliable information, and all pertinent data. When we are the originator, we adhere to fundamental journalistic practices.

The same rules should apply to feature material, and we should emphasize the importance of investigation and impartiality, as well as delivering a coherent argument. This strategy enables us to address more options and solve visitors’ inquiries in advance.