How Much Weight Will I Lose If I Stop Eating For 2 Weeks?

If you’re seeking to lose weight, you’re probably thinking about “how much weight will I lose if I stop eating for 2 weeks”? It is suggested that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) advise you to drop between 1 and 2 pounds per week but we will still estimate the amount, you will lose if you don’t eat for two weeks straight.

The steady and gradual pace is better for your body as it ensures the body’s metabolism drops fat. When you lose too fast, you also lose water content due to glycogen depletion. The loss can quickly return when glycogen is restored.

The loss of water isn’t the same as losing fat. You’ll have to drop the fat, not the water.

Healthy weight loss

A healthy mass is different for every individual. It is vital not to evaluate your health solely on the number you see on the scale. Instead, ensure you are at a healthy mass. Certain bodies can hold water or lose pounds rapidly. Whatever the case, you’ll notice your body dropping while fasting.

It would help if you initially aim to lose 10 % of the body weight at a steady pace of three to four pounds over 2 weeks.


You can also consult your doctor to know if you’re heavy. Some body types can be heavier than others. For instance, someone very muscular may have more mass than someone with a thin body. However, they will not be heavy.

If you’re obese, losing some pounds will decrease the chance of suffering from health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

Reducing your calories overall by 500-1,000 calories a day may result in losing between 3 and 4 pounds in two weeks. Be focused on your nutrition, not calories. Keep in mind that healthy fresh, natural foods are better than processed diet foods. Healthy weight loss should be the focus.


How much weight will I lose if I stop eating for 2 weeks?

“You can lose around 1.7 lbs. First, the real question is how much fat you will lose. Without eating carbs, you will lose a good deal of water content, so the reading on the scale will not determine an accurate change in body composition.

Whatever the number is, it will change once you go back to eating normal and your body starts gaining more water. As far as loss of fat is concerned, follow the approximate science based fact on a daily need of 2000 Cal, and the rule that each pound of fat comes from 3500 excess calories. In 14 days you will have a deficit of 28000 calories. This should cause a fast loss of around 8 lbs.”


Tips on losing fast

Drink 8-12 glasses of water

Most of our water sources originate from food. So, when you’re on a fast, plenty of water. If you’re suffering from migraines or headaches, this can be because of dehydration. Coffee and tea are excellent for fast days.

Choose a busy day

 If you’re sitting at home with no plans and you’re hungry, food will be on your mind all day. Pick a day when you’ll be out with friends; you will be distracted to notice that you’ve skipped a meal.

Your days of feasting should not be treat days:

Don’t go back to your routine on non-fast days. You should not eat junk foods on cheat days.

Do not fast if you’re having other health problems:

Fasting is not a good idea if you have a history of eating or stomach disorders such as gastrointestinal and severe irritable bowel syndrome. If you have diabetes or have a blood pressure issue, talk to your doctor before fasting.

I think an entire 10-day water fast can lead to an approximate loss of 10lbs (around 4.5kg). Half of the loss can be due to pure body fat loss, and the other half is due to water content.

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If you eat keto food after this, you won’t regain water weight. However, you may get it back if you take a heavy carb diet.

The Bottom Line:

If you ignore everything for a moment, what will you do in the next few weeks? Revert to eating the way you did before? How did that work out for you? Concentrate on slowly reducing your calories over a long time, and you’ll see permanent changes in your body. Eat like a person who weighs exactly like you want to weigh.

If you like to weigh 2 stones for the rest of your life, then you must eat like a 2-stone person for the rest of your life.

How to loose ten pounds in two weeks?

Shedding 10 pounds in two weeks is not healthy, but you can begin to see healthy progress in that timeframe. It can be somehow possible to lose such mass but this isn't a good goal. In fact, losing too fast can have long-term consequences for your overall health.

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