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You’ve got scars, this is why you searched microneedling for acne scars. They are one of the most common scars that people develop. They look ugly on your face but can be painful and embarrassing. It eliminates acne scars and helps smooth out skin. This article will explain what skin needling can do for you.

What is Microneedling?

Suppose you’re not familiar with micro needling. In that case, it’s a process in which tiny needles are used to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin.


It may stimulate the body’s natural healing process, which boosts collagen and elastin production. The result is a firmer, smoother, and younger-looking face. It’s a relatively safe and effective procedure.

Microneedling For Acne Scars

Micro needling is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that clears acne scars and fine lines. Small needles are inserted, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach deeper layers of skin, which helps in faster healing and more collagen production. With frequent use of micro needling, you can see an improvement in your body texture, tone, firmness, and overall appearance.


This process can help reduce shallow and treat acne scars; you may see results within two weeks. Most people start seeing results within three to five sessions. Consider getting sessions every two months as collagen regenerates itself into thin tissue again. 

Long-term results for acne scars

There is no guarantee for microneedling treatments, but they can give long-lasting results and a youthful, glowing face without harming your skin. According to experts, microneedling works better than laser treatment options.

It can also help with stretch marks and provide an anti aging solution. Acne scars gradually form due to picking at your skin or poor care. Acne scars appear in two ways:

  • Sunken scars
  • Dimpled or depressed/pitted scarring

Micro needling produces the best results on depressed or pitted scars.


It is a non-invasive acne scar treatment. At around $300 per session, It is a little more expensive than other therapies, but some insurance companies will cover it. The number of your sessions may depend on the severity of your acne. 


People are sharing before and after photos with reviews on the page below.


  1. Consult your doctor if you are on medicines.
  2. Talk to a dermatologist about the number of sessions required for results. In this way, you can set up your budget. No one wants to stop halfway.

Before and After Photos

microneedling for acne scars

microneedling for acne scars Dermapen

6 Benefits:

  • It triggers new collagen formation under your skin layer. 
  • It stimulates your body’s immune system to generate new blood vessels. 
  • May encourages your body to produce more hyaluronic acid, an essential component of healthy skin. 
  • It increases your body’s natural melanin production (the pigment responsible for giving skin color). 
  • It increases epidermal thickness. 
  • It May improves overall face texture. 

1. It triggers new collagen formation under your skin layer.

When you microneedle, new collagen is produced under your skin. It may help because new collagen will gradually replace scarred tissue. When new skin is present, pores do not trap dirt and oil.

2. It stimulates your body’s immune system to generate new blood vessels.

Acne scars are formed due to less oxygen to cells. By stimulating your body’s natural healing process, you can push new blood vessel growth and increase circulation to damaged areas.

3. It encourages your body to produce more hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally found in humans. Its role is to bind water molecules together to make skin look smooth. Unfortunately, we lose HA over time due to age and other diseases in life. It may boost the body’s ability to create HA.

4. It increases your body’s natural melanin production.

Melanin is responsible for skin color. However, melanin is not equal; some types are better than others. The type of melanin that appears during micro-needling is called pheomelanin. It is highly beneficial because it protects against UV radiation damage. 

5. It increases epidermal thickness.

Another benefit is thickening your epidermis over time. Your epidermis comprises several layers, including the stratum corneum (outermost layer), stratum lucidum, granulosum, stratum spinosum, and basal cell layer.

6. It reduces inflammation and swelling, minimizing acne scarring.

Inflammation is the companion of acne. Chronic inflammation makes skin appear red, irritated, and swollen. Fortunately, micro-needling reduces inflammation.

7. Microneedling beats chemical peels.

Chemical peels are a standard therapy for acne scars, but according to a Rutgers research, microneedling is much more beneficial for individuals with dark skin.

Babar Rao, a dermatologist and pathology professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and colleagues randomly allocated 60 patients with acne scars and dark skin — Fitzpatrick Skin Phototype IV to VI — to either 35 percent glycolic acid chemical peels or microneedling for 12 weeks. ( Read Full Research )


You need to dry your skin before the session begins. Otherwise, your physician may end up causing more damage than good. They will use a gentle cleanser to wash off any makeup and oil from your face. They may use alcohol-free moisturizer and cover with a sheet mask soaked with a hydrating serum. 

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Your specialist may recommend:

  • Avoid activities that may irritate your skin, like sweating excessively or applying products that dry your skin.
  • Don’t scratch pimples. Allow new scars to heal naturally, and they will gradually fade away.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid sun exposure for a few days.

Side effects

While microneedling procedure is considered safe, there are risks and adverse effects. You need to know what they are and how to spot them to avoid them. 

  1. This treatment’s most common side effect is skin redness or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). It usually resolves within two weeks of treatment. The irritation depends on skin type.
  2. If your skin becomes irritated after your first treatment, do not continue the sessions until your skin has fully recovered from the damage.
  3.  To prevent irritation, always use high-quality products exclusively made for it.
  4. Additionally, patients should refrain from using topical retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids. They can increase sensitivity and inflammation during recovery. 
  5. It may cause temporary swelling. However, it goes away within 24 hours.

The Bottom Line

An old saying goes, If you want something done right, do it yourself. While this statement has some value, you should not follow this quote here. A skincare professional will be able to tell about the length of needle required for “microneedling for acne scars.”

Does skin needling really work for acne scars?

The short answer is yes. The procedure stimulates the growth of collagen in skin, letting your skin to heal itself, reducing wrinkles, and making skin shiner.

How long does it last?

It takes about 2 to 6 months, depending upon size and severity of acne.

Are scars permanent?

Genetic scars are permanent. It can't eliminate them. However, microneedling can improve your skin texture.

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