Safely Popping Blackheads At Home | How-to Guide

Unless your skin is inherently perfect, you will encounter blackheads in your life. Blocked hair shafts can cause blackheads. It isn’t very pleasant, popping blackheads, and get on with your day. However, extracting blackheads may open door for other problems as well.

Recognize Blackheads

Blackheads may not seem a little black dots on your cheeks or the bridge of your nose. Hair follicles can cause blackheads. However, pores and follicles may appear blocked more often than they are because of oil buildup.

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Oil buildup can induce skin harm. In this case, popping blackheads won’t work. The oil will arrive back. You’re inviting skin infection when you attempt to push a blockage out of a pore. 

If you’re confident you’re dealing with a clogged hair follicle and are convinced you can’t evade popping it, there are safer ways to go about it. This writing will cover how to remove a blackhead safely.

Popping Blackheads Procedure

Take a hot shower before you pull a blackhead. Steam can soothe your pores and aid in easing clogs.

These actions will assist you in getting rid of your pores.

  1. Clean your hands. It will stop bacteria from reaching into your dermis. If you have plastic gloves, use them.
  2. Push your fingers around the blocked pore in a circular motion. You’re trying to remove a blockage of oil and skin cells. It may be necessary to apply mild pressure around the pores. Do not push too badly to inflict skin damage.
  3. Use pressure to open the blocked pore. If required, you can also use a towel to keep your hands away from the blackhead.
  4. Use a mild toner to clean the spot. It will destroy any bacteria that may have provoked the blackhead.
  5. Feel the clog popping out. You may have to wait for your skin to heal before you try again if you don’t succeed in the first attempt.

Helpful Products For Popping Blackheads

You may use over-the-counter products like retinoids or salicylic acid cleansers. However, pore strips can also extract natural oils from the skin, which can cause dryness. Overproduction of natural oils can cause most blackheads. Blackheads will not fade even if you use a product to clear them.

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If you have persistent blackheads, it is worth consulting an aesthetician or dermatologist to extract them. A few aestheticians offer extraction-only therapies that last about 30 minutes.

Is Popping Blackheads safe?

When done correctly, extractions won’t induce any skin harm, although your skin might be slightly reddened for a short period afterward. This is due to the pressure on the skin during extraction. It is more common if your skin is sensitive.

Ignore Stubborn

The most prominent blackheads should be targeted from the start. If one of the dark blackheads isn’t popping, take a deep breath and let it go. Rouleau says, “My rule of thumb is 3 tries, and it’s out.” “It doesn’t count how many times you try; it won’t work. You’ll end up hurting your skin and perhaps damaging a vein. 

There is also the case that what you consider a dark head may not be. Geraghty describes that milia may look like blackheads. 

How do I prevent blackheads?

You can treat blackheads temporarily. The steps include:

  • Always wash makeup before sleeping.
  • Wash your face two times a day.
  • If likely, describe any hormonal issues.
  • If you doubt they are the reason, get rid of any thick makeup.

The Bottom Line

An esthetician can clear your blackheads during facial therapy. This safe therapy can make your skin softer and control future breakouts. You can remove blackheads and sealed comedones. Healthcare providers should be able to treat milia and skin swelling.

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Blackheads can be pulled at home if you apply mild pressure to the skin and don’t press it with your fingers. Before you start, consult your doctor.

Are they contagious?

Blackheads can't be spread to others. They can't be transmitted.

Are they permanent?

Sometimes blackheads will fade on their own. It depends on how serious they are. A blackhead nearer to your skin's texture will likely vanish. Some blackheads may be extremely ingrained in your skin. Powerfully embedded blackheads in the skin will not go away by themselves. A dermatologist may be able to extract embedded blackheads.

Do they need to be removed?

In most cases, yes. It can prevent them from getting worse.

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