What Happens If You Don’t Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth needs removal for various reasons, such as infections, pain, or issues with growth. what happens if you don’t get your wisdom teeth removed ? The answer is short and simple. They can cause problems, if you delay removal.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Guide

They are the third molars located at the rear of your mouth. It is not necessary to remove them if they are:

  • Healthy 
  • Surrounding tooth working fine
  • Not causing pain while brushing

There is a situation when the don’t have space to erupt and causes trouble. Sometimes, eruption may develop at different angles within the jaw.


Surprisingly, they may grow also without trouble, but proper caring is difficult. There is a risk of developing more bacteria, resulting in bad health conditions. Wisdom tooth are as susceptible to decay. They require ongoing monitoring and care.

Your surgeon will take out visible tooth over the gum at clinic. Oral surgeon can help you treat the damage.

Veiled inside the gums

They can cause severe pain if they don’t have the proper space to come out. They can get stuck inside your gums. It may cause infections or even the formation of a cyst, which can cause damage to other teeth, roots, and supporting bones. You may need a check up if these symptoms appear:

  • Slightly emerging
  • This part is difficult to identify and clean; when they partially pop out draws the attention of bacteria that can cause further diseases and infections. 
  • They don’t have proper space to come out may crowd or infect surrounding.

Affected teeth

When wisdom teeth are affected, they are imprisoned below your gum. When they are damaged, they become extremely painful and sensitive to infection. Impactions may lead to decay. 

When they are no checked regularly, their growth may shift along the jawline. They can also move backward and, causing problems with the closing and opening of the jaw.


Some people have smaller jaws, which don’t permit space for them to grow appropriately. If they emerge nearby other tooth, it can cause problems. Teeth will start overlapping.

Your doctor may prescribe orthodontics treatment. After orthodontics treatment is completed, the eruption of wisdom tooth may cause teeth to shift, negating the treatment performed.

ADA states that the removal of teeth is important if you go through these changes, such as:

  • Ache
  • Recurring infection of soft tissue in the area behind the lower last tooth
  • Sacs containing fluids (cysts)
  • boundless tooth decay
  • Affecting nearby areas.
  • Gum diseases  
  • Tumors
  • Recurring infection of soft tissue in the area behind the lower last tooth  

What happens if you don't remove them timely?

Not everyone needs removal but when it does, make sure it is removed on time. It can effect other areas in your mouth and causes production of more bacteria.

How long can you wait to get them out?

Once wisdom teeth pops up, it is impossible to tell when inflammation or irritation can start. Therefore, the proper time to eliminate teeth is either right before or at the time when they pop up through this bone barrier.

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