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2048 Cupcakes is an exhilarating, unique puzzle game that features cupcakes and is a beautiful math game. Slide the screen, and enter the cupcakes. Unite the unknown and take home this delicious cupcake. This fun math is suitable for teens, adults and children. Everybody can play the fun math regulations in this exciting online game.

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What is the 2048 Cupcakes game?

It is a delightful digit established on the easy idea of addition. You can have the entire excitement of numeral games.

Utilize the Arrow keys to progress or lift the tiles across all directions. Following each swipe, a new cupcake tile will be pictured in an unexpected area. It will promote the participant if two tiles have the same cupcake flavor and blend into one.

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The 2048 Cupcake Puzzle is created. You succeed! The game is dead if there’s zero space and no adjacent tiles share the exact digit.


  • Leaderboard.
  • Five Undo.
  • The method saved 3D Design.
  • Gorgeous Plus Simple UI, Smooth Animations.
  • An improved version of the leading traditional 2048 numbers. Start this thrilling incredible, free math game. Fun and addicting mini cupcakes game! Find the score that is the loftiest! Play with your friends and see who the boss is.
  • Native Execution, Best Interpretation, Less Storage, Shorter App.


It is split down into three central parts:

  1. The button section
  2. Scoreboard
  3. 4×4 grid

The Button Section

A undo control and new play switches are added to the buttons section. When you start playing this, you must always press the button. If you happen to forget the get step. You can then press the Undo control to correct the error.

You can use the Undo control twice during one session.


There are a few boxes on the scoreboard, among which the two first boxes illustrate the present and most elevated scores. These are the calories in the cupcakes shown on the scoring board.

The current and final words of the cupcakes with the top scores are pictured inside the text field.

These are the words that are used:

  • Sunshine Vanilla
  • Bubblegum Pink
  • Valrhona Blond Ganache
  • Chocolate Mint Fudge
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Sundae
  • Vanilla Birthday
  • Chocolate Spider Web
  • White Chocolate Peppermint
  • Cookies and cream
  • Toasted Marshmallow
  • Rainbow
  • Confetti Vanilla

Grid Section 4×4

Grid sections are one kind of grid. There are 4*4 columns and rows, equal to 16 boxes entirely. You can play through sliding if you’re an Android or iOS device owner.

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It is likely to play using four keys. You can adjust them each time you change them, and new tiles with values of 2 and 4 emerge on the screen.

2048 cupcakes Benefits

The neurologists claim that puzzle help develop neurons in the brain. Here are the games that are equal to brain games. You can encourage your children to play. They are eminent for developing the brain’s development and performance.

Why is it named 2048 cupcakes?

The original version is named “2048”. I have listed a link to the official page below. You can play that too.

Did you know this is an enhanced version of the game of Maths mysteries “2048”?  It was originally created by an Italian man called Gabriele Cirulli. It was released in 2014 when Gabriele Cirulli assembled it open-source and available for all to download.

It is given to participants whose total score is more influential than 2048. If the score is 2048, it cannot be incorporated into the next round.

The players can also raise their game beyond 2048’s score to enhance their score. The game is dead when the player has achieved an amount of time.


The means used to play this game are vital in promotional videos to encourage Myo Gesture Control Armband.  The code has a sub-code that helps to understand the program. An AI technique that plays itself 2048 is the 2nd top-rated competition winner.


The tiles persist in changing in the order you prefer until you cease. Tiles can hit one another when they are in a moving position.

The tile that is made by the interchanging of two tiles can’t be driven with another tile at the same time. Tiles with an ideal score are characterized by their glorious shining light.

The score is shown in the upper right corner of the dashboard. It is the first moment we start with zero. The score continuously increases when we exchange tiles. It displays the highest score as well as its current scores.

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Chrome Extension

You can play offline by adding Chrome extension.

  • The size is less than 1 MB
  • 100% Offline
  • NO ADS 
  • Free to play
  1.  Install extension
  2. Click the icon on the Chrome extension toolbar, the game will appear. You don’t require to do anything else.



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