Poki Games: 21 Most Played Games On Official Website

Poki Games has over 60 Million+ users each month. There are thousands of games to play. There are huge categories. From adventure, shooting, horror, and puzzle, they’ve included everything on this platform. Some games are more popular than other. We’ve included the most played and the best free online games selection on Poki in the list.

If you think the list is incomplete, you can let us know and we will happily update the list.

What are Poki Games?

Official WebsitePoki
Starting Date2013
Active User55 Million +
Address?Official Website

The poki is a well-known gaming platform. People come in their spare time to play great games. The best about this platform is you don’t have to download to play. You can simple enter this website and play online. You need three things:

  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard

You will find detailed information below. There are a lot of crazy games we’ve included in this list.

Most Played Games on Poki

Subway Surfers

A well-known game of an infinite sprinter is Subway Surfers. You take control of Jake, who attempts to escape the angry inspector and his dog by surfing the subways. In this game of unending sprinting, you must avoid trolleys, railroads, and hazards.

You collect money to gain energy and equipment to help you go farther each time. You can use coins to unlock other avatars and game tables. You can change the appearance of the players and give your skate new abilities.

Remember to finish the rewards since they will provide you with keys. You may earn prizes in “MyTour” by completing the regular phrase searches. There are tasks there as well.


The creators of Subway Surfers, Kiloo and Sybo, created Subway Surfers in 2012. And it continues to be one of the most played games online today!

Due to Subway Surfers’ conversion to HTML5, you may now enjoy the game on your smartphone or tablet only on Poki. You can also play this game on a PC.

You don’t need to download this game to play. If you’re looking for games like Subway Surfers, check out other sprinting games. Enjoy your time browsing through Poki!

Temple Run 2

Imangi is the creator of Temple Run 2.

The character must run from the attacker while dodging the barriers and obstacles. Help this courageous bounty hunter flee with the golden idol by navigating cliffs.

However, act quickly! The monstrous monkeys are after you

Fireboy and Watergirl

In this game, you have to control two heroes in dual mode. The mission is to flee from the temple.

You have to escape woodland levels in this game’s initial edition, “Forest Temple.” Avoid combining different ingredients, and steer clear of green areas.

Work together to help each player advance through difficult stages.

To go forward, pull levers, turn on switches, and cooperate.

House of Hazards

A humorous videogame by NewEichGames.

In House of Hazards, you compete to do various chores within a flat. Your rivals keep an eye on your every move and set up traps for you.

To complete your goals and win, stay away from barriers. Likewise, prevent your difficulty from finishing chores. After each round, heed the wheel of fate to find the guidelines for the upcoming stage. Are you prepared for a fun-filled adventure?

The House of Hazards should include a disclaimer since it is so addictive!

Retro Bowl

New Star Games are the developer of Retro Bowl.

Are you prepared to lead your ideal squad to win? Be in charge of an NFL team, add players to your team, and handle your marketing responsibilities to make your players and supporters joyful.

The game won’t grow old or dull since many options exist to personalize your squad and approach. Every famous player’s jersey and position are all changeable!

You may reconstruct your club to your taste or enhance it with the aid of the offseason. You won’t be able to put Retro Bowl down because it offers the ideal balance of customization and auto-play.

This teamwork game features a gorgeous retro aesthetic. Can you get a high grade and lead your squad to the grand prize?

This game is available on PC. With the 2021 upgrade, you can now play RB on tablets and smartphones.

X3M Moto

Moto is an online bike racing game. The aim is to race your motorcycle across enormous rolling barriers you must dodge.

Spin in the air to speed up the game and get a good grade. Be aware of when to pause, smash, and respawn. Make an effort to finish the levels as fast as you can.

In 2016, an online flash version of the Moto X3M was made available. Later, it was converted by the gaming project team Madpuffers into an HTML5 game.

The original version of the Moto X3M series, including the Moto X3M Winter 4, Moto X3M Pool Party 5, and the most recent Moto X3M Spooky Land 6, is Moto X3M.

FRVR Games’ Gold Digger FRVR is a 2D adventure game. You are exploring the underground environment as a miner with a shovel.

You may earn money by slogging through dirt, stone, and soil to get good equipment and enhance your abilities. The videogame is an endless journey where you may develop your persona.

Playing instructions

Follow the miners around to get as much treasure as you can.

About the creator

The designer is famous for FB games like Basketball FRVR. FRVR Games have now produced this adventure series as well.

Who is?

Unico studio is the creator of Who is.

This game will challenge you to think with over a hundred puzzles to complete. You’ll never lose interest since every level offers something new.

There are scenario-based choices like “Who is lying?” and “Who is an impostor?” and puzzles where you must locate the concealed item. You may use the guidance programme and even bypass stages if you get stuck.

How do I play this game?

  • To engage with an item in the game, click or touch on it. Try not to look until you discover the hint that will enable you to answer the puzzle.
  • Use the links at the bottom of the page to ask for help if you run into trouble.

The Developers

Unico Studio is the company behind Who Is.


Studio Seufz produced the amusing assassination game called Murder. It is an action game. Hunt down the royal stealthily by sneaking up behind him. If he captures you, then you are going to prison.

Play Murder to see what an average smart vizier’s day is like. If you are successful, you will become the next king, but watch out—your advisor wants the throne for himself.

Poki games allow you to play Murder right from your desktop. You have to put your perception and response skills to the test.

Murder will end your life if you make a terrible decision.


If the emperor turns and looks at you, don’t let your dagger fall.

When you are king, use the skills you learned as an advisor to look for an attempt to kill you.


Studio Seufz, a Stuttgart, Germany-based production company, makes Murder.

Escaping the Prison

Your goal is to avoid getting captured while evading the guardians. You may select from a set of options at every level, including the Files, Telephone, Hammer, and Sniper Rifle.

You may survive if you make the correct decisions in every situation! Have you already found every potential resolution?

There are three ways to get away from something: lame, cunning, and amazing. On Poki, you can now explore all the Henry Stickman games available online.


French firm Voodoo developed the classic mechanic strategy game Hole.io.

Play the game Hole.io as an all-powerful black hole and rip a trail of devastation across the city. Grow bigger and bigger by eating anything that gets in your path, including other gamers, waste bins, and hydrants.

As you grow more extensive, you can consume larger and larger things until nothing stands in your way!

You can even swallow the black holes of other gamers if you have a bigger one. The game “Hole io” is a lot of fun and is about surviving, feeding, and expanding.

Raft Wars

In Martijn Kunst’s entertaining war game Raft Wars, you must protect your loot from enemies. You’ll have your raft and a few balls at your disposal to combat raiders, thieves, thugs, and other enemies.

By striking your enemy, you may cause them to jump off their raft or deplete their strength until they do. If you aim well, you might make money that you can use to buy raft upgrades, missiles, and explosives.

Raft Wars was first made in Flash, but you can now play it on your computer, phone, or tablet with HTML5.

Can I play with others?

Yes, the most recent version of Raft Wars has a multi-player option where you compete with other people online.


Martijn Kunst and TinyDobbins, headquartered in the Netherlands, are the creators of Raft Wars.

They are also the developers of Raft Wars 2 and Raft Wars Multiplayer.

Parkour Race

Madbox is the developer of the sprinting game Parkour Race.

Command your character as you compete in a race with the audience. You may leap from building to building or race between them.

Gather ground by running over the bright, speeding bumps, and display your skills by doing dives and flips. You may develop your character like no other.

You can use the daily problems, boosters, and even flashy extras. The Parkour Race will help you improve your racing skills.

EvoWorld io (FlyOrDie io)

A global survivor game where you begin as a little fly with the opportunity to expand. Find the nourishment you need to develop into a giant, more powerful beast. Cut down on your organic adversaries since every development has enemies.

Use your mouse or the directional buttons to guide your avatar. You must consume specific foods to develop into the next form.


Pixel Voice is the developer of this game.


Hello, mate! You play a pirate in this game who has survived a disaster. With the other criminals on board, you become shipwrecked on barren land.

The only thing that matters now is finishing ahead of the competition! Beat the other thieves and seize the whole treasure.

There will only be one man left. In this classic IO game, you get bigger as you kill other pirates. Being bigger makes you stronger.

YoHoHo is famous on poki games.

Friday Night Funkin’

You must use songs in this game to win over your partner’s ex-rocker dad! The only way to win him is to make it through many weeks of spontaneous music competitions.

To beat your rivals, press the arrow keys in rhythm with the soundtrack.

Using the WASD and arrow keys, you must mimic your enemy’s songs in narrative mode. The earliest songs have primary rhythms at the beginning, but when duets are added, the beats become more complex.

You may also take advantage of the game’s free-play option and all its great rhythms and characters. Start grooving after adjusting the difficulty setting to your preference!


KawaiSprite wrote the music for Friday Night Funkin’ (Isaac Garcia). The original soundtrack adds a variety of influences, such as dancing rhythms from Vocaloid.


Ninjamuffin99 is the developer of this melodic game.

Stick Merge

TinyDobbins is the designer of casual motion games.

The walking stick men in the firing range are your target. Your goal is to mix different weaponry to make more potent weaponry that you can use against them.

To be the greatest gunman in town, build your armory, improve your weapons, and investigate all the boosters.

The third entry in the G-Switch version from Serius Games is a competence game that defies all logic. You can play the game alone in the story and infinite settings. You can play it with seven other people online.

Change between barriers, platforms, and roofs as you attempt to escape a maze of lethal traps! G-Switch 3 is a free game that you can play to see if you have what it requires. Instead of standing there, try on the G-Switch access online dare to control.

You’ve got two options to play this game. You can play with bots or actual online players.

To play, you may use a keyboard or mouse. Figure out what is best for you.

Football Masters

Madpuffers is the developer of Football Master. In Football Masters, you take charge of a football squad of one or two players.

You may play fast matches or compete in conquest mode to win the cup. To reach the finals, advance through the stages and prevail in the finale. You have a choice of two characters, each of whom has a particular skill. Would you want to kick the ball hard? Choose Thundershot.

Do you desire the ability to jump behind the ball? Select the teleportation power. You and a buddy may compete against one another in the game’s founder mode.

Play Football Masters to get ready for the upcoming Euro 2020 matches! Can you take home the trophy?

Dinosaur Games

When the internet is not working, a dinosaur game appears on Google Chrome. Google Chrome is the original developer of this game. T-rex has an enormous fan base. You can also play this on Poki games, even when the internet is working.

Other Names

There are different names for this game. People also call this “no internet game.”

Use the keyboard to begin the game; tap the dinosaur once on a smartphone. By pressing or using the spacebar, leap over the hurdles to escape them.

What happens after the 99,999 scores?

You have then earned the highest score possible. When you reach this point, the score resets to 0.

Rocket Soccer League

Rocket Soccer Derby is a mix of styles, including a football field and a vehicle. The focus is on driving around a sports field while attempting to score goals against the other team.

You have the option of joining Rocket League or playing a short game. You may participate in the tournament and win in-game currency by downloading Rocket League.

There are different levels. You start in the B league but may soon advance to the Intermediate League. There is also a chance of making it to the Pro League. Do what it takes to be a champion.


Minecraft does not need an introduction. Every internet person knows about this game. Despite the game graphics, this game reached billions of people.

You’ve got to create your world. This game has a lot to offer, from making blocks to inviting friends. It is one of the most addictive games out there.

You can check the Google Play Store stats for this game. You will be surprised.

Poki games alone it has over thirty million users.

One of the most subscribed YouTubers, Pewdiepie, gained popularity through Minecraft. Even after years, he still plays this game.

Who is the person behind Minecraft Classic?

The Stockholm-based Swedish game company Mojang is the one that came up with this game.

Shockers Shell

You’ve probably played many gun-shooting games. The Shockers’ shell is quite different. There are guns, but instead of ammo, there are eggs. You’ve got to shoot eggs and compete with other players.

This game is so much fun to play.

With many game categories and stages, you can customize your experience. Instead of Ak-47, you have Eggk-47. Like Pubg, this game relies on KD. A better KD means a better player. If you’ve got a lower KD, you are considered a newbie.

You don’t need to download this game. All you need is to open the Poki game and search for “Shell Shockers”. Now, start playing and competing with people around the world.

There are more than 38+ maps. You can select any map you want. You can also invite friends.

Make sure you add higher KD players to your team. Your chance of winning will increase.

In Shell Shockers, is it possible to get an invisible shell?

It is a glitch. Or is it compromised? In such a scenario, poki team see it as cheating. You can get banned.

Who are the creators?

Blue Wizard Digital are the creator.

Are Poki Games Paid?

No. Poki is a free website. This website demands a good internet connection. With over thousands of games, you can choose your favorite one.

There are multiplayer games where you can invite your friends.

There are different categories. If you are a shooting person, select shooting category.

The Conclusion:

There are fake websites like Poki. I’ve mentioned the original link to the website above. It is completely safe and contains no viruses.

We’ve list of crazy games above. You can play arcade games online.

If there are any questions or if you want us to update our list, kindly let us know down in comments. We will update our poki games list.

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