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Numerous games have been developed following the launch of the word game that became a sensation. Many spin-offs have proved to be highly successful independently. However, there is one game we’ve discovered that is distinctive. The game is known as Waffle game, which is a game where players have to swap alphabets on the grid into words.

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The grid already has letters, and you have to arrange the letters to create words that are read correctly horizontally and vertically. The tiles will display various colors to indicate that they belong in the correct word, are perfectly placed, or need to be relocated to another term.

There are 15 moves where you can rearrange the alphabet on your grid to solve the game. Solve the six puzzle words. If you finish the puzzle in the time you have left, you’ll receive points for the task. If an orange tile runs between words, there’s an opportunity to be in both terms, and you must decide the comment you believe it belongs to.

Each task is completed within 10 minutes, So the maximum number of stars you can get is five per day. You can also see your performance when you duplicate your answers.

A new Waffle is released each day that you can complete and alter the settings to the local time of midnight if you prefer. When you’ve completed the task, You can post your achievements via social networks to let people know the number of stars you earned throughout the day.

Waffle Game Answer July 14th

We’ll solve the waffle game puzzles daily to help you find the correct answer If you’re having trouble. Today’s puzzle has seven green tiles, six yellow tiles, and eight gray tiles. This is what you can expect the Waffle 174 puzzle looks like the moment it is published:

The following are solutions for Waffle 174 puzzle, along with meanings for each word below in case you’re struggling to solve the mystery.


  • SLAIN- Kill (an animal or person) by committing violence.
  • Micro– very small.
  • RANGE– the region of difference between lower and upper limits of an individual scale


  • CHAIN – A series of metal rings linked together used to secure or fasten something or pull the weight.
  • Miser – a person with a wealth accumulation habit and uses as little money as possible.
  • OUNCE is a unit with a weight of one 16th of a pound (approximately 28g)

You did a great job if you managed to figure out all or some or all. Please let us know in the comment section below if your team could solve this Waffle puzzle today and tell us how many stars you earned.

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