How To Change Acura Key Fob Battery in 2022?

If you own an Acura, you’ve had to change Acura key fob battery at least once in your vehicle ownership. Changing is very simple. It just takes 2 minutes, if you don’t get stuck in any step. 

Acura Key Fob Battery

The key fob is an integral part of your Acura’s security system. As such, it should be kept in good working order. You can do this with a little bit of car maintenance know-how and a few standard tools found in most toolboxes. But, first, let’s look at how you can change an battery yourself.

How do I know if my critical fob needs a replacement?

Signs Of A Dying Battery:

  1. Signal Power. You will start noticing signal issues, and it keeps getting worse.
  2. Over-Clicking. Your remote should open the car with a single click.
  3. Incompatible Effects.

Order the parts from Amazon ( only if you don’t have)

Sure, you can always take your Acura over to a mechanic and have them replace your battery, but who has time for that? You’ve got things to do.

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So save yourself some time and energy by doing it yourself. First, head over to Amazon and purchase a replacement battery from their wide selection of parts. Then, follow these simple steps.

Tools you will need

Tools you need are micro screwdriver, and replacement battery. Also, ensure you have a soft cloth or something similar to wipe off any spills during your DIY battery replacement. Any local auto parts store should have all of these items for purchase.

Safety Instructions

  • Remember to take care when you remove and replace batteries not to cause damage.
  • Be sure to disconnect your vehicle’s negative terminal first before proceeding.
  • If you are unsure how or can perform any part of changing it on your own, we suggest taking it into an automotive shop for assistance. 

Your local mechanics will help you.

Changing MDX

The batteries play a significant role in keeping it functioning, especially considering you may use your key many times in a day.

How to replace the in (MDX)?

All things come with a lifespan; they need a change when they expire. It includes the battery in the Acura remote. But for Acura owners, it is not difficult to learn. You should be able to change  if you follow the below-listed actions.

Get CR2032 coin cell on Amazon.

  1.  Start by pulling the lever in front of the key fob.
  2.  You will see metal for the keyring there.
  3.  Insert flat-head screwdriver in between this and the little lip on the back of the key.
  4. Gently twist the screwdriver until you feel some pop.
  5. Now, that you have created separation. Gently continue twisting towards downside until two parts are separated.
  6. Use your screw-driver to go under your old battery and take it out.
  7. Now, gently slide the new one.
  8. Then put everything back together in reverse order.

You have now completed your replacement! Please give it a test run to confirm it’s working fine. If you still encounter problems, take your car to a nearby mechanic.

Fob battery (TLX)

A non-replaceable CR2032 battery powers Acura TLX. So what happens when it dies? You are able to purchase a replacement, but why buy one when you can do it yourself and save some money?

Replacing your TLX key fob is simple— if you know how to solder. If not, take it to a professional locksmith or auto mechanic and have them replace it for you.


How to change battery in key fob (TLX)?

It runs on CR1632 batteries. Since these batteries can fail a few different ways, you’ll want to open up and make sure it’s not just a battery issue.

If the problem is other than an empty battery, though, you may need to contact your local dealer for assistance. Once you have your replacement in hand and know how to get into the guts. Here’s what you need to do:

See the procedure above, everything is same.

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Properly dispose of old batteries

Now that you’ve replaced, there are a few things you should do with your old one. Most electronics use lithium-ion batteries, which contain hazardous materials and corrosive components. So, it’s essential to dispose of the batteries properly to keep these from harming others or polluting environment.


The best way to do so is by taking them to an official recycling center—but if you don’t have access to one, make sure they go into your trash rather than on your curb for pickup. 

If they end up in a landfill, they can leak toxic chemicals into the soil and groundwater. Instead, check out Earth 911 for a list of places near you where you can recycle batteries safely.

What kind of battery does an Acura key fob use?

Many Acura key fobs utilize the same button cell battery CR2032.

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