How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs – The Complete Guide

Stink bugs enter homes because they want a warm place to live in colder temperatures when they’re inactive. If they find it difficult to access a home, they’ll move to another place. If they find a suitable location, they release a chemical that attracts more of them. Getting rid of stink bugs is important as their smell is evil.

You can locate them using porch lights in the night. If you saw them playing around, it means they have decided to spend the winter in your home. They want to seek shelter in warm places in winter.


What are sting bugs?

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSBs) can be described as an invading species from Asia that first appeared in Pennsylvania in the year 1996. 

They are now found throughout the United States. Stinkbugs gained their name because of their defensive odor. Most people will find stinkbugs in their homes in the autumn and late summer as temperatures fall outside.

They’re not dangerous and travel in groups; just like their name, they stink.

How Do I Get Rid of Stink Bugs | Home remedy

Mixing white vinegar, hot water, and dish soap in a spray bottle can complete the task without much effort.


  • Spray bottle
  • 2 cups of hot soapy water
  • 1/2 cup dish soap  
  • 1 cup white vinegar


The first step is to put two cups of boiling water into the bottle. Then, add one cup vinegar and 1/2 cup of dish soap. Combining the ingredients in this order will allow you to avoid suds. After you have everything in your bottle, place the nozzle and give the mix an easy swirl to mix it all up.

Spraying directly will kill them in a short period. The ingredients are used for cleaning, so you will not pollute your house. You may have some drying after the treatment. However, it’s a simple procedure.

Additionally, you can stop their food sources.

Make them cry with essential oils

Essential oils emit smell that they hate.

The bugs prefer warm places, and people deal with swarms as summer winds down.  It is the perfect time to think about ways to eliminate them using essential oils.  

The smell of stink bugs is evil. Even though they’re not dangerous and do not pose any threat, they can be a nuisance and release a foul odor when they sense they’re being threatened.

One bug can release odor that invite others. Within minutes, you can have a whole crowd of creatures ready to have a party at your home. 

Many families find that using chemicals at home isn’t an option. Luckily, essential oils provide an alternative.

  • clove essential oil
  • lemon essential oil
  • lavender essential oil
  • wintergreen essential oil
  • lemongrass essential oil
  • eucalyptus essential oil
  • mint essential oil

These oils work well, but they differ in smell. You can choose your favorite smell. Test them in your local area shop before you order them online.

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Make sure that all essential oils are kept away from pets and children. These oils can cause health issues if consumed.

I’ve found two ways to use essential oils. It is possible to incorporate the oils into homemade stink bug spray or create the Stink Bug Bombs.

Making insect repellant using essential oils

Add 20 to 25 drops (your preference, or any of the abovementioned oils) in 2 cups of warm water and shake well.


Spray the mix on the pests, wherever you see them. You can spray the mixture on other areas as well. It can include doors, cracks in foundations, baseboards, and windows.

Eliminating stink bugs from the garden.

Maintain the garden and the surrounding areas clean of debris

First thing you need to do to repel stinkbugs is to eliminate any surrounding weeds or overgrowth because they typically use them to hide. Also, eliminate any hiding places, such as logs and old boards.


Seal entryways

Seal their points of entry to stop them from entering your home. Be sure that all windows and doors are sealed or protected with screens.

Many people become safe by rubbing dryer sheets on their windows. Repair any holes or cracks by caulking.

Natural repellents in the garden

These pests lay eggs on plants. You can also spray them with kaolin clay to control them. It stops them from laying eggs and also feeding on plants.

It is safe for plants and washes off quickly. Additionally, you can use pheromone sprays outside to repel them, but it is a temporary solution. Cedar sprays also help repel these pests.

Add Beneficial plants to the garden.

Stinkbugs have many enemies. You can reduce their number by attracting these beneficial creatures to your garden. Some of the most well-known stinkbugs’ enemies include:

  1. Minute pirate
  2. Praying mantis
  3. Lacewings
  4. Ladybugs
  5. Parasitic Flies
  6. Spiders
  7. Birds
  8. Toads

Consider trap plants

  • Using decoy plants around the garden is an excellent option to trap them. They will flock to trap plants. 
  • The plants that stinkbugs notably like include sweet corn, Okra, Mustard, Sunflower, and Amaranth. There are also pheromone traps that draw these pests. Once they are trapped inside, they will ultimately die.
  • Set traps in shrubs, trees, or other strong plants close to the garden or home in the early spring. Make sure they are placed so that both the top and bottom of your traps touch the plant.
  • It gives the stinkbug easy access to the trap. You can hang traps from stakes every 20-30 feet (6-10 meters.) around the garden’s perimeter.

Expelling them in the attic

When homes are infested, there will be a lot of dwelling and reproducing in attics or crawl spaces. They naturally move into these areas.

If you believe, they live in your crawl or attic space, protect them with DELTAMETHRIN DUST. It is durable and suitable for large, wide-open spaces.

It is dry and spreads quickly for rapid cover and security. Use 1 LB of it for every 1000 Sq/Ft of surface.

Stink bugs in the car


It is the most efficient method of removing them from your car. Since no one wants to kill them, using a vacuum cleaner is a better way to remove them.

Don’t apply pressure to the vacuum nozzle on the bug because it may crush it and will cause an unpleasant stain and smell. You can apply smooth strokes that are gentle over bugs.

Utilize a shop vacuum cleaner for the most effective results. You can switch the vacuum to reverse and spit them out after sucking them.

They are also helpful for other pest removal situations. You can also use an upright vacuum that has a hose attachment.

Use sunlight


The last option is sunlight. This approach may stink your vehicle for weeks. Suppose you believe they are present in your vehicle and you cannot locate them. Then, use sun heat to kill them.

It is only for those who think they’ve got bugs in their vehicle but aren’t able to catch them.

All you need to do is place your car in the direct sun, open the windows, shut the moonroof, and secure the doors. You can leave the car for a couple of hours and return. The sunrays will kill them all.

  • You’ll need to locate dead bugs and other pests (if present).
  • Vacuum the dead ones out. If you let them remain in your car, they’ll smell and attract other pests.
  • Stink bugs are attracted towards smell of each other.

The Easy Way To Remove Their Smell

If you’ve ever killed a stink bug inside a home, you know the smell is hard to remove.

Here’s how you can eliminate the smell.

  • Scrub the affected surfaces
  • Let the air out of the room
  • Use odor eliminators

Scrub the affected area

Suppose you made the fault of squashing the bug using your hand. The best method to eliminate the smell is by gently rubbing the area several times.

The first step is to apply some toothpaste onto your fingertips and then rub them vigorously. Then rinse them in warm water. If this doesn’t work, mix lemon juice and warm water in a bowl and let your fingers soak for a full minute.

Let the air out of the room.

Let the fresh air replace the smelly air. Open every window you can. To eliminate the smell of your furniture, you can make a blend of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and mild dish soap.

Use odor eliminators.

Make your scent eliminator by making a cotton ball soaked in peppermint or lemon extract. Then, place a cotton ball in a lidded glass jar. Freshly ground coffee also works.

If you have still questions going in your mind. Let us know in the comment section.

How to keep them away from your house?

You can repel stinkbugs by using scents that they dislike such as lemongrass oil, clove oil, ylang-ylang oil, dryer sheets, spearmint, wintergreen, and rosemary. They do not harm buildings, and don't worry about laying eggs in your home.

What is their life span?

Somewhere between 6-8 months
They live from 6 to 8 months. However, their life span varies depending on area and species.

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