How To Uninstall Genshin Impact On PC & Laptop Completely

Every game has an age. That is why you searched ” How to uninstall Genshin impact” today. There are different software and in-applications to uninstall it. The primary purpose of using uninstallers is to avoid data harm and changes. However, we have created several ways that will assist you in uninstalling this game. These solutions include windows, software, and even in-game techniques.

In this post, I will show at least three methods of deleting it. Every technique is simple and easy to perform. All you need to do is to follow the guideline properly.

So, let’s start.

1. How to uninstall genshin impact using in-game builder

The most simple technique is to use an app to remove it. All you have to do is to follow the step-by-step guide below;

  • Start Genshin Impact Game.
  • Find and click on Uninstall button.
  • A pop notification will come to your screen to confirm the action. Checkmark the terms and conditions and continue.
  • After doing this, go to the game folder to verify that it is removed.
  • After this, open up your start menu button and type Regedit.
  • You will see a registry editor on your screen; click on it.
  • Delete all files of Genshin impact in your registry too.

2. How to Uninstall Genshin Impact on Windows 10

This method uses an in-built computer panel to delete the game. Follow these simple steps to delete:

1) Type the Control panel in the main menu and click it.

how to uninstall genshin impact windows 10

2) Search for ” Programs & Features” in the control panel.

how to uninstall genshin impact on laptop

3) Now, click on uninstall and find the genshin file.

4) Click on it to delete.

3. How to uninstall genshin impact on a mobile phone?

If you are playing this on your smartphone, it is pretty easy to remove it. Follow the guidelines below;

  1. Find your genshin app.
  2. Hold the game icon for a few seconds, and two buttons will appear.
  3. Uninstall or cancel; click on uninstall.

If you also want to delete the game database, then simply:

  •  Open up your play sore.
  •  Open manager apps from the device
  •  Select Genshin impact from the options.
  •  The delete option will be on the right side.
  •  Click on uninstall option.
  •  Wait for a few seconds, and you are done.

More about this game:

Note: This is additional information regarding this game

Genshin Impact is a stunning, vast world of animations Teyvat has a lot of the relevance to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and I mean a bunch of. From the style of art and its stamina-based “climb anything” mechanic to the smooth gliding, it’s hard not to think of Link’s adventures in the open world of Hyrule as you explore.

It’s not just a duplicate, as Genshin Impact’s imaginative world, its wide selection of characters that can be played, and the depth of RPG techniques are all original and amazing enough to be on its own feet. And every single one of them over 120 hours I’ve played in Teyvat was complete fun.

Game’s narrative

Genshin Impact’s narrative is among its weakest areas, utilizing almost every anime trope for characters and story cliche found in the novel. 

The characters will repeat similar magical language as if they’re being paid by the minute, and the story plods from one amusing adventure to another without much cohesion. 

The slow pace isn’t affected by the XP-gating, which occurs between each chapter, and you’ll have to get an even more difficult Adventurer Rank for advancement to the next mission.

But as you’ll spend most of your time exploring across the globe and creating your tales as you rank up, the messy structure doesn’t matter much instead of hearing people explain what the Anemoculus is. 

With some exceptions, the cast of eccentric characters (a total of 23 that can be played) is enjoyable to play with and interact with, even if I occasionally roll my eyes at them when they repeatedly randomly make insensitive comments. It’s a good thing that anime is available.

Free to Play

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action-adventure game in which you are an obscure “traveler” from another world who arrives in the country of Teyvat after becoming the victim of a witch or God or something that is, and your twin is taken. 

When you wake up on a beach on the level of one, with no items to collect, you go on a journey to locate your missing sibling. It involves making items, picking up fruit, and fighting gods; however, there isn’t much to do with actual searching for your twin. 

Since, like Link’s quest to save Zelda, completing the investigations in which you *check notes* on feed ducks is much more crucial.

Tivat Traveler

The show’s true star is Teyvat, the world that is completely bursting the seams of possibilities.  It’s almost overwhelming how much you can accomplish. In any area of the vast world map. There were always around five or more things within my immediate area of view that I could pursue, each with its respective obstacles and rewards. 

It can be challenging to remain focused and complete the significant quests because there’s a wealth of riches to be found while exploring the globe.  A hidden chest that appears from the eye of a passer-by could lead to an unexpected adventure or multi-step challenge.

 A fluttering blue fairy could result in a huge fight or long-running boss battle. It’s a highly addictive chain reaction activity to accomplish in the most efficient possible manner. Teyvat is a city overflowing with activities to take in.

It’s no surprise that this world in Teyvat is breathtaking to view and listen to, except for the occasional excessive voice acting in anime. 


When you begin unlocking new characters, each with distinct fighting styles and abilities and affinity.

The world starts to take on new shapes as you discover new ways of interfacing with it. What was once too big to swim through is now easily navigable thanks to an ice-like character such as Kaeya, which can make the lake freeze. 

Mountains that were once too difficult to climb can be made easy to mount after unlocking Venti and the ability to generate winds wherever he likes. Combat is a quick and instant switch between up to four characters to attack, shoot or blast through various types of enemies. 

Each character equips unique elemental type and several abilities that use the element. When shifting between different characters or using their strengths in conjunction, you can create powerful combinations. 

For example, if you employ abilities in water to soak your opponent and then follow that by using Fischl’s electric attack, the damage will be multiplied. It could take out a swarm of enemies in one shot.

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Game Visual and sight

Even though it takes more inspiration than it comes up with regarding visuals, the sights and sounds are still an absolute delight to look at, with stunning landscapes everywhere with a soundtrack that is memorable provide them with.

 For the PS4 and mobile devices, occasionally, you’ll be able to enter an area before loading quickly and then be patient for other players to catch up to the rest of the world.

Still, besides some minor glitches, Genshin Impact looks and is incredibly good.

How To Uninstall Genshin Impact

Quickly switching characters to synergize power can result in some powerful combinations. Making your list of available characters, weapons, and items and figuring out how they interact is essential to effectiveness in combat. Particularly, in certain situations requiring you to complete the game before a set timer expires. 

This is especially important when advancing towards the final phase, and your enemies become more dangerous and acquire hefty health bars, particularly bosses.  If you’re facing a massive beast that is destroying your day with ice-based attacks that are plain cruel or battling the flaming plant using disgusting fire abilities making use of every tool at your disposal is essential.

It is possible to host or join other players to face the challenges and defeat bosses. Still, in most instances, the player cannot benefit from every activity you participate in. 


Although it took around 120 hours for me to get to the conclusion of its story adventures, Genshin Impact is technically in its early stages. It has just two (sizeable) worlds as well as a chapter that is complete of its overall story and two-thirds of the following one available. 

The prologue can be played in full. However, the next chapter doesn’t have a final part.


As of this review, the developer hasn’t provided any details on a roadmap on when we will see new chapters be added, but an additional region of the map is scheduled for the coming months. 

However, there’s plenty of content available already, and any future content updates can be more similar to MMO expansions rather than equal to an update for early access.


You are able to spend more than 120 hours playing for two weeks. You will go without spending any money whatsoever and grind them out by perseverance. More importantly, those solid characters and weapons are not an requirement for progress in the game.

I found myself playing through most of the challenges using the skill of grinding on my own. Share you experience in comments.

Some incredible unlocks that made the process considerably more straightforward. The problem with the gacha system is at the end of development when the process of earning accounts-wide “adventure XP” and upgrade materials is an exponentially steeper climb.

It means that players willing to spend money can get into the final stages much quicker than those who do not pay for their membership. You must take on much more to get ahead.


Whenever you come across one of these obstacles,. It is likely that you will get a pop-up to remind you of what you need to do to overcome it.  It took me about 40-50 hours to play before the wall started to appear in front of me.

The Bottom Line

It certainly flirts with paying-to-win (a relatively less significant problem in a game with an emphasis on single-player play and there is no PvP). However, it can find a good equilibrium so that players who do not want to pay any money can still play the entire game without cost.

Will I lose my work if I uninstall Genshin Impact mobile?

This game auto save works on all platforms. Whenever you reinstall this game, it will begin from where you left.

How heavy is Genshin Impact?

In total, 16.04 gb data is consumed by this game. You can consider deleting a file with huge data. Simply click and delete it.

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