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You may have logged in to the website like you always do, but you landed on an error page ” your IP has been temporarily blocked”. There are few causes, and you can’t access the Internet. In this article, we will try different ways to unblock blocked IPs. You don’t need to worry. We will figure this out. There are few methods:

What is IP Blocking?

IP address blocking means that your network configuration service has blocked your Internet Protocol. All devices connected to the Internet are assigned a unique IP address through which devices connect. Network service blocks your IP to put a barrier between you and some particular website.

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The website’s IP address blockage can also mean guarding you against malware or dangerous websites.  If the error pops up when you try to access a specific website, your Windows firewall can also be the reason behind it.

The firewall acts as a filter, allowing the server to block or access any troublesome website. It functions as a security guard for the server. When external sources infect the firewall, it blocks your IP address temporarily. If your IP address is blocked, you may experience slow loading pages or time-out responses.

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You can try logging in from another device or network. If it allows you to access, it means there is some complication in your IP. There are more than one reason for IP blockage. The causes differ from one website to the other. However, generally, there are three reasons.


1. Country ban

An IP address may be blocked if connected to an area with restricted access or from a country where access is denied. An IP address can be blocked due to national interests and reasons. For instance, many countries continue to ban adultery websites.

 2. Multiple login requests

​If a user continues to type wrong credentials more than allowed numbers, it can result in IP blockage for specific website. Websites use this mechanism to protect against spam attacks and to protect their customer’s correct credentials.

 3. Suspicious activities

The stoppage can come forth due to a suspicious activity considered disruptive to the server.  There are few things you can do to resolve the issue:

Your ip has been temporarily blocked

How to unblock your IP?

Some network service providers inform you through mail or a phone call about the blockage and guide the process. You can ask them about the blockage reason.  Here are ways to unblock your IP:

1. VPN

Last but not least is VPN. There are numerous VPN services on the Internet. You can choose between free or paid versions. Install them and change your IP using them.

2. Built-in Diagnosis

If you are unclear about the reason, it is hard to find a solution. Try running in-built computer diagnosis in the control panel and look out for errors. If blocking is only on a specific website, you can read the website policy or google it to find the latest posts concerning the issue.

3. Contact Customer Service

If the problem persists and you are unable to diagnose the problem. You can call on customer service number and report your issue. Find out why you’ve been blocked, and ask them to unblock your IP.


If you receive a manual instruction to you, follow it. On websites, you can access this by going to the support section.

The Bottom line

The reason that IP blocking exist, is to safeguard users from unauthorized individuals. This service prevents more dangerous threats, such as hackers or other malicious attacks from getting access to your sensitive information.
Please let me know in the comment section if your problem persists or if your problem is different.
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What does blockage mean?

IP address blockage can be explained to mean a situation where certain IP's are restricted or blocked by a network configuration service.

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