Black Mouth Cur- All You Need To Know

Black Mouth Cur has played role as Older Yeller in popular Disney Movie ( eponymous). The southern United States is populated with dogs that local hunters use.

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Black Mouth Cur

Black Mouth Cur Character

This breed is outstanding for hunting. The black mouth catches and kills to protect the owner’s land. This dog never says “no” to fighting. Curs are incredible hunters and also work with cattle. They are dominating but appear weak and protective in the family. They must receive daily physical and mental activities.

Less physical exercise makes them rammy and lethargic. When hunting is not working, they must go out for daily walks with the owner. Unpredictable and intelligent, they are loyal to kids, giving their lives when required.

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Black Mouth Cur Description
OriginThe southern United States is populated with dogs that local hunters use. Black Mouth Cur has also played a role as Older Yeller in a popular Disney Movie ( eponymous)
Weight45 to 95 pound (20 to 43 kilograms)
HeightHeight: 16 to 25 inches (40 to 64 cm)
Average Age12-18 Years
Litter SizeAbout 5-10 Puppies
LivingThe Black Mouth Cur can't live in flats.
GroomingThe short hair of the Cur is simple to groom. You have to comb hair and remove dead hair occasionally. This dog has dry skin and needs less bathing. Make sure the ear canal is free of extra hairs.
CoatThe mouth cur has a short coat, but the coat has many colors.
HealthThey are usually very healthy dogs and don't suffer from many common disorders or illnesses.
The most common diseases in these dogs include:
Ear infections
Hip dysplasia
Many eye disorders, including progressive retinal atrophy
, cataracts, and ectropion

Black Mouth Cur Living

They can live in spacious places. The primary things to provide curs include:

Spacious environment:

They are lively, and they need open space to jump, run, and play. Otherwise, they can develop destructive nature. A large, secure fence yard will work best.

Socializing with them:

This dog is territorial and overprotective. It would help if you socialize early, introducing him to new people growing up.

Needs Attention:

They don’t like being alone for long periods. You can expect aggressive behavior after leaving them for hours. They can be a good family choice.

Other Names

  • Yeller
  • East Texas Brindle
  • Southern
  • Red Black
  • East Texas
  • Southern


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blackmouth cur         black mouth cur originblack mouth cur origin

How Huge Can he get?

Their puppies grow fast, and the adults are 16 to 27 inches talerl at the shoulders and can weigh somewhere between from 45-100 lbs.

What is the color of this dog?

He has a black lips and nose with tan or white markings on its legs and head, and an different colors in its coat.

Is he hypoallergenic?

No, it is not hypoallergenic.

What category of coat does they have?

His coat is short, straight and coarse.

How much grooming is needed for a him?

The amount of grooming he needs depends on its master preference in order to whether or not it should have a brush cut. A brush cut will need extra regular brushing and coat care than if it does not have a slicker brush cut.

One last feature

He is a sighthound, meaning it hunts by eye rather than scent. It is considered to be related to the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

Is he aggressive?

He is a hunting dog known for being very smart and independent. It can be aggressive if not carefully trained or socialized, but it is not aggressive as a breed.

How does he act around children?

He is a normally friendly with children. Saying goes like this; it is important to teach both the kid and dog how to properly socialize with one another so as not to involve any fights or scrapes. Since these dogs are lively and energetic, they are at risk for attacking over small children, when not trained.

How much training and exercise does he need?

He is a high value dog, and will benefit from daily walks or jogs, two times a day. Due to their increased prey drive, they may also get extra physical exercise from chasing squirrels and small animals around its master's yard. However, owners will need to spend time and energy into tiring their dog as well as mentally through hard games, as these dogs are intellectual and need their brain training as well.

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