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Cats can be affected by several diseases like humans. Many people are left wondering, what is down syndrome cat? This issue has become more prevalent over the last few years due to images on the Internet.  You may have seen or read about kitten who appear and behave differently and have been known on the Internet as being ‘cats with down syndrome”. 

In comparison, these kitten’ physical and behavioral symptoms may present as a type of feline down-syndrome. It’s impossible to prove cats with down syndrome because it can only be found in humans.

What is Down syndrome?

It is a congenital disorder that affects people mentally and physically. It appears from a chromosomal defect. In human beings, the nucleus of each cell carries 23 pairs of chromosomes, while affected people have three copies ( complete or partial). They have specific physical characteristics like short stature, low muscle tone, and a flat nasal bridge. They may also show signs of learning difficulty.

Cats only have 19 pairs of chromosomes which means it’s practically not possible to see a cat with down syndrome, but they may show symptoms due to other reasons.


Down syndrome cat similar symptoms

Although it’s not possible but there are syndrome-like symptoms. These include:

  • Different or odd behavior.
  • Very small or oddly shaped ears.
  • Vision problems
  • Abnormally wide eyes
  • Motor dysfunction
  • Heart issues
  • Muscle tone is low
  • Hearing loss
  • Upturned or flat-nose

If you think your she is suffering from one or more of the above signs, you must talk to your vet to know the cause. Although they cannot be diagnosed with this disease  because they don’t have chromosome 21, they may be affected by genetic diseases.

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Unusual looks and behavior

Every cat is unique and beautiful but special kittens need extra care and training. The owners of well-known cats that suffer from genetic diseases like Monty (a cat born with a chromosomal defect that left the nose bridge) have brought awareness to special cat needs.

However, if you’re considering adopting an animal, you need to consider all of your pet needs to ensure that you’re embracing the correct one. Special cats need a lot more attention and love. The symptoms indicate that something has happened during the uterus period that altered the average growth.

Other diseases and congenital disabilities, exposure of the mother to toxins, and neurological system diseases like distal polyneuropathy can show signs of the this diseases in kittens.

Cerebellar hypoplasia causes an inability to walk or eat properly. Additionally, kittens who suffer facial trauma or head injury may be born with neurological diseases and abnormal facial structure.

What To Do If Your Pet Shows Down Syndrome Cat Like Symptoms?

If she shows abnormalities resembling Down syndrome symptoms, you should consult with a veterinarian and ensure that your pet gets the proper care. Although your pet can’t have this problem but if she displays similar symptoms, it’s essential to speak with an animal vet.

Protect special kitten

Suppose she suffers from physical or mental disabilities. It is your responsibility to protect her from dangers. Special one need more care and they should stay indoors. If she is blind or has hearing loss, you’ll need to adjust to limitations. You might need to block access to the areas if you own a pool or stairs. If your cat struggles with basic tasks like eating, washing, or using the bathroom, you should assist them in these activities.

The Bottom Line

Your veterinarian can conduct blood tests, X-rays, genetic tests, and other tests required to diagnose the problem. Do not ever forget about your pet’s health. Make your pet’s physical and mental health your top priority. Suppose she has other health issues, like an irregular heartbeat or hormonal issues like diabetes. Your veterinarian will provide the best care.

Can cats have down syndrome?

Cats only have 19 pairs of chromosomes which means it's practically not possible to see a cat with down syndrome, but they may show symptoms due to other reasons.

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