How Many Jobs Are Available In Capital Goods? Statistics 2022

There are more than 1.3 million job openings. 150000 is labor class. There is still huge gap left for job positions. There is different types of jobs available. For instance, 4000 jobs are left for engineers and 1000 openings for sales

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They are physical assets that company uses in the production procedure to manufacture services and products that customers use.

how many jobs are available in capital goods

In this post, we will describe types, demand, best-paying jobs, and companies that fall in this category.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Capital Goods in 2022? Estimated Salary Packages

Industrial designer$69,115Indeed
Research and development manager$146,091Salary
Sales engineer$79,598Glassdoor
Engineering manager$162,447Builtin
CAD Technician$52,125Comparably
Robotics engineer$105,000Talent
Manufacturing manager$126,292Salary
Direct of manufacturing$150,229Glassdoor
Senior mechanical engineer$101164Payscale
Marketing manager$88,854Builtin
Warehouse worker$29,250Talent

Job Statistics 2022


how many jobs are available in capital goods



They are not fixed assets like machinery and manufacturing appliances. The industrial electronics industry mass-produces different devices, which includes in this type. They range from tiny wire harness assemblies to air-purifying respirators and advanced digital imaging equipment.

They are also produced for service businesses. Hair clippers that hairstylists use is a type of it that service providers buy. Core CGs are a category that excludes products made for defense department use. 

Durable goods are items that are useful for at least three years.

Capital Goods vs Consumer Goods

Consumer items are the final products that consumers purchase. Whereas consumer goods have other classifications, such as clothes, appliances, and milk

They are not sold to consumers but are used to produce different goods, later sold to consumers. Although, some of itcan be consumer goods like airplanes that are used by airlines and consumers both.


Here are some instances of goods that are capital employed in diverse industries and examples of items that can be both consumer and capital items.

Consumer & CG

  • Vehicles employed by delivery are CGs, but they are consumer goods for a family.
  • Companies and consumers both use computer.
  • Both landscaping companies and consumers use landscaping equipment.
  • Ovens used in restaurants are CGs. However, they can also be a consumer goods too.


  • Factories or assembly line machines are used to produce trucks and autos.
  • Different types of infrastructure like trains and broadband.
  • Coffee machines.
  • Technology and machines.
  • Different types of infrastructure like trains and broadband.

Are there two different types of capital items?

The most typical example includes plant, buildings, heavy machineries, vehicles, and property. Capital goods and financial capital are two different things. In financial capital, company uses fund to expand their business.

What is the sector in which they are produced?

They are produced in industries.

What are the most lucrative work opportunities in this field?

You need bachelor’s degree and little experience for high-paying jobs. Whereas, fresh graduates are adjusted in low-paying class initially. Manufacturing engineers, electrical engineers, designers, control managers are top-paid employees.

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What are examples of it?

Machinery, tools, and equipment are all examples that are used in manufacturing of other products and services that consumer use.

How many jobs are available in CGS?

There are thousands of jobs available. We have listed some of the most popular jobs with statistics in this post.

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