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NLE Choppa, also known as Bryson Lashun, is a rapper. In the year 2019, he launched his first EP, Cottonwood, and got famous by releasing his song “Shotta Flow,” it made it to the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 and was also certified platinum by the RIAA. He is popular on social media, and his fans want to know how tall is Nle Choppa?

How Tall is NLE Choppa?

6 feet and 1 inch tall

He is 6 feet 1 inch tall. He has one daughter. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in the Parkway Village area, his father is Nigerian, and his mother is Jamaican. Many people search “how tall is nle” because they love them.

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When it comes to his educational background, he attended Houston High School, and at 14, he began freestyling, pursuing his career.

While in high school, the sport he played was Basketball. In March of 2018, the first single he launched was “No Love Anthem,” at the time, which was known as YNR.

Then the mixtape he launched was his debut called The Takeover: No Love the Takeover.

He debuted the first single from his album “Shotta Flow,” and it was a top 36 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. In the following calendar year, he broadcasted the official remix featuring Blueface and Cole Bennett’s music video.


Then, he dropped “Shotta Flow 2,” which has received 20 million views in only a few months, after which he signed with an independent distributor, UnitedMasters.

In April of 2019, he released a single titled “Birdboy,” which was recorded by SGULL. Then, he broadcasted his latest single, titled “Block Is Hot,” which was recorded by ATL Jacob. On June 14, 2019, he released the single, “Free YoungBoy,” and on Youtube, the video was watched more than 19 million times within just a few days.

He launched the single “Camelot” on September 13, 2019, and it reached the top spot at 37 across the US. In addition, he released Number 37 in the US on December 20, 2019. On August 7, 2020, it was his debut album “Top Shotta,” and then on September 5, he made a promise to end his raps about violence.

On November 1, the rapper released the mixtape “From Dark to Light,” and it was released under the name Choppa Entertainment under license to Warner Record. His second studio album, Me vs. Me, is scheduled to be released on January 14, 2022.

Net worth:

It is estimated that the Net worth of the rising artist is $5 million. He is earning money through his music career. At this young age, his career is getting plenty of attention and money. We are sure his net worth will increase in the future. There are many projects awaiting him. He also manages many kinds of merchandise with his logo.

The rapper is also planning to invest in property in order to boost his wealth. He is the owner of an online store. The store sells special phone cases.

His brand is know as  “No Love Entertainment”. The founder wants to establish the name to be one of the most popular brand names in America.

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  • He is well-known for his moves in dance.
  • He has a lot of followers on Instagram.
  • His mom Angela Potts is also popular on Instagram.
  • The singer is well-known for his unique style, which combines “animated vocals” while singing.
  • He calls his mom his most trusted friend.
  • There are sources that claim that his father was a police officer. However, his father confirmed via a live stream there is no such thing.
  • He is a basketball fan, but due to his musical profession, he wasn’t in a position to dedicate time to it.
  • Many of his friends are members of the crips, an important street group in Memphis.
  • He is also known by the name of Baby Mexico.
  • Does he drink alcohol? Yes
  • Does he smoke? Not Known
  • The baby was born on the 1st of November 2002 in Memphis, America.
  • His Brith real name is Bryson Potts.
  • Bryson Pott’s Net Worth ranges from between $10-$12 million.
  • He is a lover of tattoos and has a ton of tattoos across his body.
  • In a separate segment of his Youtube series “The Rise of Choppa,” the actor said that his time in detention had helped greatly and as an “eye-opener.”
  • his name stands for the whole concept of “No Love Entertainment.”
  • Presently, he’s extremely busy with his new plans for the future.

We have put together Nle Choppa height, net worth and some facts about his life.

How tall is he?

His height is believed to be 6ft 1 inch tall but some people doubt it. The exact height is still unknown.

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