Jacqueline Luesby | Everything You Need To Know

Jacqueline Luesby is an English attorney who performed earlier at the law firm. She is Morgan Cole. Jacqueline is the mother of Hollywood actress Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson. She was born in England in 1958. Colin Luesby was her father, and Greta M. Dickinson was her mother.

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Jacqueline Luesby Early Life and Age

Jacqueline Luesby was born in 1958, somewhere in the lovely polity of England. Unfortunately, she hasn’t revealed the exact date of her birth. She is somewhere between 63-64 years old.

But, her family members were Greta M. Dickinson and Colin Luesby. Besides, she hasn’t given more information about her early life.

What is her real name?Jacqueline Luesby
Her DOB?1958
How Old Is She?63 Years
DaughterEmma Watson
SonAlex Watson
SpouseJonathon Taylor
Net WorthMore than $1 Million USD

Personal Information

Her parents’ initials include Colin Luseby and Greta M. Dickinson. Jacqueline’s ex-husband is Chris Watson; why did they separate, and when did they get married? She has not spoken about it yet.

She also married Jonathan Taylor. They both had two kids: Andrew and David Taylor.

We don’t have much information about her private life.

Her Separation From Chris

Chris is also a British attorney. He is the founder and CEO of CMS Technology. The exact date of their marriage is unknown. They and Chris have two children, Emma and Alex. Their divorce was concluded in the year 1995.

Chris got married to Julie Watson after their divorce. Chris has three kids with Julie; they are twins, Nina and Lucy, and Toby Watson.

Is She Married Now?

Jacquelin despises Papparazi and is unwilling to disclose her private life to the media. But, it is famous that she married Jonathan after separating from Chris.

She’s living a blissful living happy married life. She has two sons with him: Andrew and David.

Practical Life

Jacqueline Luesby is an English lawyer by profession. She is an expert in the planning and payment of employees. She has also set up employee share schemes and benefits trusts for employees.

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She is not involved in large-scale projects, as her customers are mid-sized companies. Morgan Cole, an attorney firm, employed Jacqueline. She resigned from the firm in 2007 and is now part of a different law firm, Smith and Williamson.

Why She is Not Active On Social Media?

She is not active on social media. Her daughter has an Instagram profile under the name “@emmawatson,”. She has millions of followers.

What is Her Body Description?

She is a 63-year-old woman of 5 ft 4 inches in height. Her body weight is estimated to be 55 kg’s. She seems fit from her outward appearance. Besides, Jacqueline’s eyes and hairs are brown. Apart from that, no further info.

Who is Her Daughter?

emma watson

Emma Watson is a recognized English model, actress, and activist. Emma Watson is notable for her role as Hermione Grenger in Harry Potter. She was born on April 15, 1990 in Paris, France. Her brother Alex Watson was born on December 15, 1992.

She was also the gorgeous part of Belle in the fictional film Beauty and the Beast. After her role as Hermoine, she played Alexis Neiers in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring (2013) and as the daughter of the legendary character in the Noah gave her more attention.

Emma is also an activist who wants to make earth a good place for women. In the words of Time magazine, not only this, but she’s among the most significant personalities around the globe.

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Net Worth of Jacqueline Luesby

Jacqueline is a specialist who makes a living from her career as a lawyer and has relished a prosperous career. She has made a large amount of money throughout her life. The attorney earns $98,797 (£76,742) a year, according to Indeed.com.

2018$200k USD
2019$500k USD
2020$850k USD
2021:~ $1m USD
2022:~ $1.5m USD

While Luesby’s daughter Emma Watson has an net worth of more than $85 million. She made more than 70 million dollars in The Harry Potter franchise. As Belle in the movie “Beauty and the Beast,” Emma was paid over $15 million. The Forbes and Vanity says that Jacqueline Luesby daughter Emma is one of the highest-paid actresses.

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