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One of the numerous Wordle spin-off games like Wordle Today and Globle, is the only one that players don’t want in the workplace playing. If you’re familiar with Lewdle and are here to learn about an idea of the Lewdle Words Today Answers, you are in the right spot. If you’re unaware, it is possible to learn about what this game  and how you can play by reading.

Look over the Lewdle Word List and with 5lLetters and find all the details. Wordle has been a huge success in the world of gaming and has spawned a myriad of games that are clones or similar to Wordle.

Although we have similar games like Wordle, Lewdle is slightly different. It’s the same style and functions as Wordle. However, the vocabulary are disgusting and crude. Suppose you like games that ask you to identify an inappropriate word. It is the app for you.

Lewdle Words Today

Lewdle is a very popular word game with the same rules as Wordle. The players will get 6 chances to guess, with each guess giving specific clues. This game list is completely NSFW is what makes it apart. Compared with Wordle, it is an extremely difficult game as smaller puzzles are available. The simple game can be challenging if the participant’s vocabulary is not vulgar.

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As you would imagine, it is a filthy tribute to the wildly well-known daily game that has taken the web with a flurry. Although profane, scatological and sexual words are often connected to four-letter words, you can find plenty of five-letter options to complete the amazing word list.

Lewdle Words With 5 Letters

Gary Whitta, a scriptwriter who has written for Rogue One, the Walking Dead games, and Star Wars Rebels, created this game. In contrast to other people who have joined the trend, Whitta politely acknowledges that his game is an obvious imitation of Twitter and has a message in the shareable results that links these to his original.

It is possible that while you might be able to come up with an appropriate five-letter English that may be dirty, it may not be on the list, which is a problem. Since every one of your suggestions should be listed, you shouldn’t add your favorite clean-wordle beginning to look for useful vowels.

How To Play A Lewdle Words Game?

Gary Whitta created based on the same guidelines as Wordle. These rules:

  • Visit lewdlegame.com to play the Lewdle Word Game.
  • You will guess the first letter and enter it into your first row.
  • Your second letter is planned using the clues you’ve received (green or yellow-grey).
  • It is located in the right place, as shown in green.
  • The letter is within the words. However, it’s not in the proper place, as is evident by the yellow colour.
  • Gray indicates that the letter doesn’t appear in any word.
  • The task is difficult to guess nasty letters. 
  • Six chances are available to find the letters.

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Lewdle Words Today Answer

DateLewdle Day5 letters word Answers
28th June 2022159B  O O F E D
27th June 2022158B  E M H O
26th June 2022157B  O N E *
25th June 2022156R  E A M E D
24th June 2022155H  O O H A
23rd June 2022154C  U C K E *
22nd June 2022153*  A P P Y
21st June 2022152H  I M B O
20th June 2022151M  I L K E R
19th June 2022150F  R O M B E
18th June 2022149F  E * C H
17th June 2022148B  O N E *
16th June 2022147P  E N G U S
15th June 2022146S  P A F F
14th June 2022145P  A Y P I G
13th June 2022144L  U B E D
12th June 2022143A  S * J O B
11th June 2022142B  O N E *
10th June 2022141F  A C I A L
9th June 2022140L  I G M A
8th June 2022139N  Y A S H
7th June 2022138G  I L E S
6th June 2022137S  M A N G
5th June 2022136B  O Y T O Y
4th June 2022135S  H O W E R
3rd June 2022134D  I D D L E
2nd June 2022133D  O M M E
1st June 2022132L  E N G T H
31st May 2022131M  E N A G E
30th May 2022130S  I M B A
29th May 2022129G  R O W E R
28th May 2022128H  E * * A I
27th May 2022127F  L E D G E
26th May 2022126A  H E G A O
25th May 2022125A  R O U S E
24th May 2022124P  E R V Y
23rd May 2022123G  I R T H
22nd May 2022122P  R O B E
21th May 2022121F  R I C K
20th May 2022120Y  O N  I C
19th May 2022119T  O * G E R
18th May 2022118F  L A P S
17th May 2022117G  U S H E R
16th May 2022116G  A G G E D
15th May 2022115M  O I S T
14th May 2022114T  * T J O B
13th May 2022113M  O M M Y
12th May 2022112C  * I T S
11th May 2022111M  E R K I N
10th May 2022110T  H R O B
9th May 2022109S  M E G M A
8th May 2022108Z  A D D Y
7th May 2022107F  E M * * M
5th May 2022106C   * U * G E
4th May 2022105P  L U M S
3rd May 2022104R  * * D O G
2nd May 2022103B  O N E S
1st May 2022102J  O  B B Y


Lewdle Words Today Answers (April)

30th April, 2022101C  L I M A X
29th April, 2022100N  A S T Y
28th April, 202299S  T I F Y
27th April, 202298F  I S T E D
26th April, 202297S  H A G S
25th April, 202296T  O S E R
24th April, 202295C  H U B B Y
23rd April, 202294D  O C K S
22nd April, 202293D  O G G Y
21st April, 202292T  R U M P
20th April, 202291T  R I B S
19th April, 202290G  O B B L E
18th Apr, 202289B  O N E D
17th Apr, 202288G  L U C K
16th Apr, 202287S  Y B I A N
15th Apr, 202286W  I L L Y
14th Apr, 202285K  I N K Y
13th Apr, 202284K  A N C H O
12th Apr, 202283T  O O B I N 
11th Apr, 202282S  H T U P
10th Apr, 202281C  O U G A R
9th Apr, 202280T  R U M P
8th Apr, 202279T  A G N U T
7th Apr, 202278G  O O C H
6th Apr, 202277B  U T T S
5th Apr, 202276F  * * C K E D
4th Apr 202275C  R A B S
3rd Apr 202274N  O O K I E
2nd Apr 202273B  E A V E R
1st Apr 202272S  C R O T E

lewdle words today answer


The player is presented with a “How to Play” screen when they visit website. It is a quick overview of the game’s rules, which Wordle users are already familiar with, and an explicit warning about the content. The warning clearly states that the game uses explicit language, and when a user is not comfortable with it, they should play Wordle instead.

Words such as “daddy” and “booty” were used in earlier answers. However, some words are more explicit, like the well-known slang terms used for female and male genitals. Therefore, no matter how intriguing the game may seem, the players will learn various new words from it. In reality, when they can guess the word correctly, it provides a link to the Urban Dictionary’s definition.

More remarkably, the developers have made it clear explicitly that insults will not be allowed in the game. “We want the game to appear nasty without being irritating to anyone,” creator Gary Whitta said in a tweet, and the public responded positively to this announcement.

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Lewdle Words Answers Information

Game Namelewdle – The word Game
created byGarywhitta-leah- theadamvision
Puzzle timeas soon as new puzzle begins
Lewdle Answers so far#159
MonthJune, 2022
Answer todayToday
Official websitewww.lewdlegame.com
The latest  puzzle update time is at 12:00 AM. Each day you’ll receive a 1 word puzzle to solve. You will unlock endless answers as well as word games every day by playing. You can take part in daily word puzzle games exclusively on the official website of the game. We got your back!


Update to LEWDLE:

To commemorate six million users, (!!!) we’re rolling out a variety of brand new functions! Stat tracking and word definitions in game are now available, with more features to be added next week! Use the settings button to ensure you are running the most current version (69.07) and if you don’t, you can manually refresh your browser.


It is an online word game created by Garywhitta of the leah, Theadamvision Team. The players have six chances to figure out a five-letter Six-letter word. Feedback is provided for each guess by way of colored tiles that indicate whether the letters are in the right position.

    • Developer(s): Garywhitta, leah theadamvision
    • Release: 2022
    • Platform(s): Web Genre(s) Word game
    • You can also play the endless world games on the android app, or any other. Today, there are a variety of games identical to this game. If you have any issues with the answer. Please let us know in the comments.


A variety of brand new games for word puzzles have emerged following the hugely successful Wordle with new versions and twists on the popular formula. There have been a myriad of versions of the 5 letter word-puzzle game certain games requiring specific expertise in all things music, television and film.

Some, such as Lewdle are a more unique, offering players the challenge of guessing the 5 (or occasionally 6)letter swear words. It’s a fair game as you’ll be able to use the same game’s mechanics for guessing that are used in the other games of guessing.

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Sometime the Lewdle puzzles can be easy and your initial guess revealing a set of letters that you can use. In other cases you’ll get stuck particularly with the many variations and slang terms that are eligible for answers. 

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There are words you can start with but, more than Wordle. words like Wordle, Lewdle requires creativity and experimentation as you gradually get closer to the proper phrase.

 To aid you to help you, we’ve listed the answer to the current question above. If you’re not interested in spoilers, there’s an answer first, in hopes of jogging your memory and help you get closer to achieving your goal. we’ll give clues, and the solution for the current answers.

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