Marcel Young | The Struggle of Unlucky Star Kid OF Dr. Dre

Marcel Young is recognized as the son of Dr Dre, an American rapper and producer known as the Father of hip-hop music. Despite being the child of super rich father, he struggled with his life. Imagine a kid watching his father, Dr Dre shooting at her mother. Apparently, he seems to have a bad relationship with his step-father, too.

Marcel Young Mother’s Relationship With Dre

They were both engaged, but they never got married. Michel’le Denise Toussant, the R&B singer, and Dr. Dre, first met at World Class Wreckin Cru.

They had one of the top singers, Mona Lisa, but she could not make it because Michel’le filled her spot in the vocal section of the track “Turn Off the Lights.”

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Dre finally contacted her on her cell phone, and after a couple of months of chat, He asked her to meet him, and they started dating.

When they met, at the time of the relationship, Dre was already a papa of five children; that was his family from the last relationship. The couple later got engaged but could not commit to the wedding.

The Unfortunare Star Kid

Marcel was born in the year 1991. Michel’le was still ambitious with music. But, the singer’s profession sloped after the delivery of Marcel.

At the time, Dr. Dre did not feel inclined to play his responsibilities as a father and was concentrated on growing his professional career.

Ultimately, the couple separated in 1996, leaving Marcel with bad memories of age 5. “The Next Episode” artist was confirmed to be a physically abusive man, which made their house more like a horror movie. But, he supported his son through the years.

“When you’re living in it, you can’t notice it,”  Singer Michel’le revealed in her account. “But I couldn’t assume that I was actually living like that, and it echoed with me. Never did I wake up and ask Dre., ‘Why did you hit me?'”

Parents, early life, and qualification

Marcel was born in New York City as a single child to parents who weren’t married. His mother was only 20 and had just given delivery. He often consumed alcohol and had affairs with other women. He once punched her so hard that her nose was broken, and she was later directed to surgery by a doctor.

Michel’le was beaten five times when they were together, and once he even broke her rib. Marcel wasn’t mature enough to comprehend what was occurring. Michel’le left Dr. Dre when she realized he was dating another lady.

Marcel has a half-sister from his maternal mother, Bailei, born in 2002. Seven of Marcel Young Siblings come from his paternal side.. He mostly lives with his maternal grandmother as his father reportedly financially produced for his son.

Marcel Young Mother’s 2nd Marriage

suge knight

She married ex-music manager Suge Knight in 1999 when he spent time in jail, and Marcel did not have a good connection with him. He has a sister Bailei Knight.

Toussant said that the Death Row Record producer, Suge, only struck her once.  Then, he pledged not to attack her because “she was too young.” The couple dated for eight years, during which time Suge remained in prison for six. The producer is in jail for a 2015 attempt to murder case.

Marcel was a student at an elementary school, and due to his struggling life, he found comfort in music and working in the school’s drama lesson.

He graduated in 2009 and then went to college, where he was awarded an undergraduate degree in 2013.

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The Star Kid Younger Brother Died

Andre Young Jr

He is the first-born child of Michel’le, the R&B artist, Michel’le, while for Dr. Dre, he is the fourth in number.  In addition, Marcel’s mother, Michel’le, is a mother to a baby, a girl from Suge Knight.

The half-brother of Young’s mother from the union she had with Suge, Bailei Knight, was born on November 28, 2002. Michel’le, along with Suge, welcomed Bailei three years after they got married.

In an interview, Dre’s ex-wife communicated how Marcel has a good companionship with his younger sibling.

Furthermore, Marcel has six more half siblings from his father connections with different women. His half-brothers include Curtis Young, Truice Young, and Nicole Young.

The latter passed out because of an overdose of heroin in 2009. Marcel’s other half-sisters are Truly Young La Tanya Danielle Young, and Tyra Young.

His half-brother, Andre Romelle Young Jr from Jenita Porter., passed away in 2008 from a fatal drug overdose. Young has good bonding with all his half-siblings even though they are rarely seen together.

The Struggle of Michel’le Toussant’s

Her mother, Toussaint, lived in an environment where the family was impoverished, so she had to move out of South Central Los Angeles.

She attended school just 30 miles from her home in the well-off area of Woodland Hills. Integrating schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District was an effective and lasting change in his mother’s life.

Toussant, Now 50, is most likely best known for her self-titled double platinum album. At 16, in 1986, her mother made “Turn Off the Lights” for World Class Wreckin’, Dr. Dre’s group of R&B together with DJ Yella.

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Toussaint was a routine passenger on three buses to make it to the office. The woman was brilliant; however, she did not know the ins and outs of the music industry.

Moreover, she never made a single dollar from the money earned from the music. The former wife of Dre proclaimed that she wore the same pants every day for three days.

Her mother was a single parent, and it was difficult for her to take care of her kids.

Dr. Dre Tried To Shoot Her

When VLAD TV questioned her, Michel’le also talked about the moment he shot at her.

She recalled that they had been consuming, and he went out to grab the gun when they had a heated opinion. She was about to go to the toilet.

Toussant swore that Marcel’s Father fired at her but missed me by a few inches. She described how it went inside the door and pierced the washroom wall.

Toussant said he had never tried to shoot her again after this fight but the beatings would continue.

Marcel Young Siblings

Curtis Young

Dr. Dre’s first kid, born on December 15, 1981, is Dr. Curtis. He presently follows in his dad’s legacy as a well-known musician.

Curtis didn’t discover that Dr. Dre was his dad until he was 12. It had a profound impact on him as a youngster. Two decades later, he experienced his first meeting with his dad.

La Tanya Danielle Young

La Tanya the older sister of Dr. Dre. Presently, she is employed as a delivery person for UberEats.
She is currently unmarried. However, she has four kids from past relationships.

Andre Young Jr

He was born to Dr. Dre and Jenna Porter in 1998. The tragic demise occurred on August 23, 2008. The experts stated that his death was accidental, caused by heroin addiction.

Truly Young

Truly is the daughter of Nicole Young. She is an Insta celebrity, a composer, and a vocalist.
Her first song, “Love Boy,” was released on June 28, 2018. Curve and Nirvana are two of her major influences.

She is now attending the University of Southern California and is committed to a relationship.
The individual went to middle school and the University of Southern California.


He is a professional music producer and composer. Presently, Truice is in a relationship with Isabella.


Tyra has followed in her famous father’s legacy by becoming an actress and filmmaker in Hollywood. In 2015, she made her acting debut in Drizzle of Hope.

Bailei Knight

Knight is the daughter of Michel’le Toussaint and Suge Knight. Due to various legal challenges, she has not met her father as much as she would have wanted.

Bailei and Marcel are excellent friends, and she praised Marcel as a sympathetic character in an interview.

What does Marcel Young do?

He is believed to be a mysterious person who keeps his private life away from the black eyes, there is no information on his actions.

But, he was part of the drama film “Surviving” from 2016 Compton: Dre, Suge, and Michel’le. In addition, we do not know much about Young, and it isn’t easy to find out details about Young because he’s not on any social media website.

Dre’s son features in the Movie. Despite his dad’s popularity, the world’s most well-known rapper, Marcel, isn’t in the media’s attention.

But, Marcel is featured in Lifetime’s film “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge, and Michel’le. He was often in the media limelight about the abusive relationship between his parents. After emerging as a character in 2016’s American film Surviving Compton, Marcel is not seen on media.

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In addition, Marcel also doesn’t seem to be involved on social sites. There is no social network account documented under his name. With melodic qualities through his blood, Dr. Dre’s son  can also set his musicianship.

Marcel’s father Massive Net Worth

marcel young
Marcel smiling with her mother and sister

It’s not wrong to declare that Young was endowed with the wealth, given his Father’s immense wealth. In 2019, forbes had estimated Dr. Dre’s wealth to be at least $800 million, placing him in the top five wealthiest rappers on the planet.

Dre acquired US$52 million by the sale of the majority of his share from Aftermath Entertainment to Interscope Records. He also earned from the production of the smash track Family Affair (2001) by Mary J. Blige. As of 2001, Rolling Stone magazine named him the second highest-paid artist of the year.

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Dr. Dre was ranked 44th in 2004, with $11.4 million, from royalties for production from projects like albums by G-Unit.

As of 2012, Forbes reported his wealth to be USD 270 million. The magazine then said that his Father gained the sum of US$110 million through his many projects in 2012, making him the most-paid artist of 2012.

The 2014 sale of Beats 2014 to Apple was the massive single-year income of any musician ever. The result led Marcel Young father being the most victorious musician in the world in 2015.

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