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Dogs can get pregnant when they are in heat, which occurs once every 8 months. This fertility time lasts up to 3 weeks. There are different pregnancy test for dogs. We will also discuss signs, and cost below. If you are pet owner, you will have to take him to vet at least once in your lift. This article is simple guide about dogs and different type of results.

Is there a Pregnancy test for dogs?

Yes. The blood test is a way to detect in the pregnant dog through calculating levels of a hormone known as relaxin. After the implantation of embryo, developing placenta creates hormone. You can detect it in pregnant dogs before 22-27 days post breeding. The relaxin levels remain high throughout the period and then decreases dramatically after child-bearing time ends.

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Relaxin Positive Result

Pseudopregnancy (pseudo is a synonym for false) is an act of nature that causes female dogs to appear as pregnant even though they are not. The signs are evident for approximately two months following a heat period.

“The relaxin test can reliably tell the difference between pregnancy and pseudopregnancy.”

There is no real development of the placenta during pseudopregnancy, and the production of relaxin is yet to start. A positive Relaxin signifies that dog is pregnant. The conception has happened, embryo implantation has taken place, and placenta is growing.

Negative Relaxin 

A negative check can be a sign that the female dog is not pregnant. A false negative result may appear if the examination is carried out early. Initially, a dog that signals negative for relaxin, carried out at 22-27 days post breeding, may be tested again 1 week later to confirm negative results. Multiple tests are crucial in the beginning stages of conceiving, and when the dates of breeding are not known.

“Doing multiple tests is especially important in the early stages of conceiving and whenever the breeding dates are unknown.”

Mostly two negative results in a row one week apart, beginning 22-27 days after the breeding date, prove that the dog isn’t pregnant. If breeding starts in early heat period, a third result between 31 and 34 days for authentication is a doctor’s need now.

There is also authentication that small and toy breeds does not produce enough relaxin to discover positivity in result. In these females, alternate testing is required.

Are puppies born safely after positive relaxin test?

A positive relaxin does not indicate successful delivery of puppies. Fetuses may disappear any time after conception. Unfortunately, there are number of reasons that cause pregnancies to fail and fetuses may lost at any time.

Sometimes, dogs will show positivity at first but later turns out to be negative. This is a sign that the puppy is lost even though the dog is fine.

Alternate way for testing

  1. The traditional way to check is sensitive abdominal palpation (gently pushing abdomen’s surface) to look for swellings in the uterus which signal the presence of puppies in development. You can do this at home.
  2. The method depends on the size, temperament, body condition, and timing of palpation. It isn’t a reliable method to determine the viability of fetuses.
  3. Abdominal X-rays can be useful to detect a puppy during the final trimester of gestation (three weeks prior to the whelping), when the bony structure of a puppy is visible.
  4. There are condition when viability of the puppies are difficult to decide. For instance, the sudden death of a puppy in the uterus may be hard to detect on X-ray.
  5. For breeders using AI, It is helpful to determine if a litter is awaiting. If you have a pet whose females have been bred accidentally, it can be helpful to notice if they will have puppies. The kit is priced at around $100 and contains five tests.
  6. There are condition when viability of the puppies are difficult to decide

Pregnancy Test for dogs cost

It costs normally between $200 and $300, because the vet will draw blood and check the sample. Ultra sound prices may vary from place to place, just like humans. An average cost is somewhere between $300-$600.

Signs your dog is pregnant

There are nine signs your dog is pregnant, and they may vary, but normally it includes;

  • Appetite changes
  • Abnormal behavior
  • Nesting Behaviors.
  • Decreased Activity.
  • Enlarge abdomen
  • Weight Gain
  • Larger nipples
  • Changing in nipples color
  • Nesting Behaviors.

The Bottom line:

The most definitive procedure of monitoring puppy is abdominal ultrasound. Doctors identify the developing embryos within three weeks after the breeding, but they can determine the viability of fetuses during the entire period. Ultrasound is the “gold standard for detecting pregnant female dogs and evaluating the viability of fetuses.

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According to NCBI,

One hundred thirty-five bitches assumed pregnant dogs were inspected with ultrasound equipment. Fifty-eight bitches were turned out to be not pregnant, and ultrasound produced overall accuracy of 99.3%, specificity of 100.0%, and sensitivity of 98.7%. Assessment of the litter size was reliable in small litters of one to three puppies.

How can I check if my dog is pregnant at home?

Bellylabs Test is early detection for pregnant dogs at home . The test kit includes all equipment needed to carry out the test at home. It claims proven accuracy of 96% for all dog , results come in 10-15 minutes, says the company.

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