Tasha Mccauley : The Shy Wife of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s

In 2013, Gordon-Levitt told in an interview that he was friends with Tasha McCauley. He confirmed that he has a shy girlfriend and he wants to keep her away from public eye. He also stated that she is not in show business. He married the Robotics CEO a year later.

Gordon-Levitt is a filmmaker and actor known for his stunning filmography.

The “500 days of summer” actor married McCauley on April 14, 2014. Despite not being a part of the film industry, she chose one of the most promising actors in the industry to be her better half.

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Tasha Mccauley Levitt’s career

He is a well-known actor from Hollywood who has acted in some of the best movies. He has been nominated to receive two Golden Globes and three People’s Choice Awards. He also received five MTV Movie Awards, two Emmy Awards, and two Golden Globes.

Fans and critics alike praised his work as a director. Joseph and Tasha respect each other’s decision to keep out of the spotlight.

The actor stated that he was dating someone in one of his interviews in 2013. He didn’t reveal details, but he said she didn’t want to reveal herself.

Tasha McCauley and Joseph’s wedding

tasha mccauley

Tasha was married to Joseph Gordon-Levitt on December 20, 2014. The couple held a private ceremony at their home with close family and friends. Details of the nuptial ceremony are not public.


McCauley and Gordon have not been married since 2013. Yet, Tasha mentioned that they had a relationship in a 2013 interview.

On the Howard Stern Show, “Don Jon” actor revealed that he was in a relationship with someone. Joseph stated that the girl he’s with doesn’t want any part of it.

He didn’t reveal his girlfriend and said he was unsure if he would marry in the future. The actor from “Looper” married her the year after.

The actor and his wife have two boys. They welcomed their first child in August 2015 and their second baby boy in June 2017.

Early Life & Education

She grew up in Los Angeles and Santa Monica. She attended Stephen S. Wise Tempe Elementary, Franklin Elementary, and Open Magnet Charter School. Mccauley graduated in 1991.

Tasha graduated in 2004 from Santa Monica High School. She enrolled at Crossroads High School to continue her pre-college education. After her B.A from Bard College, she attended the University of Southern California Marshall School Of Business Administration, and later Singularity University in San Jose, California.

Tasha Mccauley Career

jordon wife

GeoSim is a geospatial business that focuses on virtual cities. These technologies are often used in tourism, real estate, and transit infrastructure.

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She has no connection to the entertainment industry. Her Instagram is private. She is a celebrity because of her good academic achievements.

She was beginning her career when she started as an assistant professor of ‘Artificial intelligence at the NASA Research Park. The facility is on the campus at ‘Singularity University, San Jose, California. It is open to all. Her lectures focused on the rapid development and use of robotics.

She was then appointed the Director of the “Autodesk Innovation Lab” at Singularity University. She remained in this position for one year. Tasha was also part of the events that year and co-founded the robotics company “Fellow Robots.” Levitt and her wife got all boosted up for a performance at Seth Rogen’s annual Halloween Hilarity for Charity variety show in LA on Saturday night

After three years at ‘Fellow Robots,’ she decided to leave. Afterwards, she became the Director of Business Development for ‘GeoSim System.’ This company builds virtual cities. Tasha has worked in robotics for more than a decade.

Important Facts

  • She was born in California. She can speak English, Spanish, and Arabic. Mccauley has performed as a firefighter in New York.
  • Her association with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has always stayed under wraps. Joseph is known for his parts in movies such as ‘Snowden,’ ‘Inception,’ and ‘500 Days of Summer.’
  • They were so confident about their relationship that their wedding news came as a shock . Neither had they talked about their connection in the media nor displayed anything.
  • According to a few references, the couple might have begun visiting each other in 2013. This assumption was made when Levitt disclosed that he was engaged to someone without telling the person’s name. It was later publicized that they had met through a mutual friend.
  • The couple made their public impression after exchanging their marriage vows in December 2014. They currently reside in Los Angeles with sons, born in August 2015 and June 2017.
  • Tasha has emerged with her husband on multiple charity occasions. In October 2016, she was seen at the 5th Annual Hilarity for Charity Variety Show.’ Tasha even acted at the event, along with her spouse.

Tasha McCauley and Joseph Gordon-Levitt home

The duo sold their first house together in February 2020. They had moved into the 1940s ranch-style residence in 2015, weeks after their marriage.  However, they had put it up for sale in 2019 for unknown causes listing it on a real estate site. It took many months to get a customer, and they had to sell it at a loss.

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According to an online blog, Architectural Digest, the couple sold the home for $3.08 million. They had expended $3.25 million on it in 2015.

The Bottom Line

She is also a board member for the ‘Ten to the Ninth Plus Foundation, a non-profit organization. She was also a panelist at ‘Kairos Global Summit’. She was a speaker at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, in November 2016.

Mccauley has deep experience in prototyping and making software. She spoke at a technical conference about “telepresence robots.” Despite the many empty pages in Tasha McCauley’s bio, we still got helpful news about this woman. She has led her specialization in the tech industry for many years.

She is also married to Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt, a famous actor, and has two sons with him. We can figure that McCauley is living a prosperous life.

She demonstrated them. You can find here robots in many industries, including transportation and retail. Tasha Mccauley net worth is around 35 million US Dollars.

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