What Businesses Are in The Consumer Services Field? 2022

Consumer services are services that are sold to consumers. The range of products and services are non-tangible and come in different nature. To provide some insight on this topic, I’ll present an example. Suppose you want to learn website development. So, you join online classes from a website, and they will provide you with non-tangible service.

Another example is getting a full body massage. You are only getting services that you can’t touch in both situations. 

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Types of business

There are a variety of consumer-oriented services offered by different firms. Examples of these include travel agencies, financial, media (Images and videos), cultural-related services such as museums, special events, retail stores, wedding, tech(websites tools, apps, and websites), and leisure services. The list does not end here.

There are a lot of firms operating. Since Covid-19 started, these firms have grown faster than ever.

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field?

We’ll now focus on the top companies working in CS. First, let’s discover what exactly these businesses are. The Companies that offer their facilities to people rather than other businesses are categorized in this room. In the end, I will provide their salaries and job descriptions.

1. Insurance Companies

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field

Increasing numbers of people are trying to save their possessions, car, health, jewelry, and other expensive things. Luckily, insurance covers all things described. There is a huge demand for insurance in the United States.

In addition, insurance firms are constantly in a race to engage clients. If you’re interested in the field, you can easily apply as an agent. It is a high-pressure job with good career growth (only if you meet targets ;p).

2. Finance Companies

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field

A finance firm is typically where businesses and individuals can get loans. There are some distinctions between a finance company and a bank. It’s not the focus of today’s article. We will not go into detail. The finance business generates profit by the interest rate they charge their clients with. 

The financial field can be advantageous. Their demand is going up. The minimum requirement for job requirement is to hold an undergraduate degree. If you have an MBA degree, it’s a plus point. Subjects like mathematics and statistics are recommended.

3. Content Writing Firm

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field

There is another popular facility on the internet, i.e., content writing. Most people don’t have enough time and skills to write long articles. So, they hire content writing agencies to write for them.

Content writing business provide high-quality articles to their clients. These agencies charge different amounts depending upon the length and topic of the article.

Health, fitness, and medicines are very demanding niches. If you can write about these topics, then you can apply today.

4. Web Design Companies

web design

Website is a need of every business, these days. Web design firms are businesses that provide facilities to customers. Their facilities include creating professional web pages (and their maintenance) to help their customers grow their businesses. Additionally, they provide search engine optimization services to consumers to boost their ranking in search engines or social media.

If you’re a coding guy, familiar with web design languages, then working for these firms can be fun.

If you’re skilled in search engine optimization, you can provide your customers with different options to help them boost their website.

To do this, you don’t require any knowledge of web design. Remember that there’s a ton of accessible and free content available on the web to help you learn and master SEO.

5. Beauty Salons


Yes, you heard it right! Beauty salons comes under consumer services industry. Beauty salons provide different kinds of care services. It can be body massage, oiling, hair cutting, nail polishing, styling, and hair treatments.

6. Travel Guide Websites


The goal of firms involved in this business is to provide accurate, correct, competitive, and cheap services around the globe. Suppose you want to go to the Maldives and you are uncertain about the prices and booking of hotels there. Then, these firms charge commissions from the hotels, providing you with all available information.

You can visit different traveling websites and search their career section. If you love exploring and writing about a travel guide, drop your cv there.

7. The Walt Disney Company

what companies are in the consumer services field

The Walt Disney Company comes under consumer services. It provides goods and services to clients that enhances their life experience.

The company’s offerings are theme parks, movies, melody, television publishing, and consumer goods.

It aims to create a happy environment for people by innovating and bringing creativity to the masses. It is why the Walt Disney Company is one of the most well-known brands and has been a pioneer in consumer service. According to Investopedia, Covid-10 pandemic has dramatically increased Walt Disney Company profit margin.

8. The Costco Wholesale Corporation

What companies Are in The Consumer Services Field?

The Costco Wholesale Corporation and air lines also comes under the list. The Costco is the second largest retailer in the world. It oversees a membership warehouse network.

How to find job in CS?

Finding a job in this field can be accomplished through a variety of methods, and it entirely depends on your personality.

To be ready to secure a job, you must pass these tests;

  • Create a great resume

Think about how a well-written resume will give you an edge over other applicants. So, it would help if you compose your resume professionally.

There are professional resume makers on fiver. You can get it done from there if this job is beneficial for you. Your resume should meet all the requirements of the consumer services company.

  • Learn the field

Read the complete job description before applying. There are many websites and short courses on the internet. 

  • Find out more and keep your skills up to date

Try to improve your abilities. It is important to develop and increase your skills by studying books, participating in training classes, languages, workshops for expertise, or watching online instructional videos.

  • Preparing in advance for an interview

Make sure you are prepared for your first interview. You should know what they want from you. 

Please note that getting work in the CS field is not difficult since most jobs require basic qualifications. If you’re approved for a position, increase your focus on abilities to reach higher positions in the company.

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Best Consumer Services Job 2022

It’s time to look into the highest-paying consumer jobs. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten firms, as seen below.

What companies Are in The Consumer Services Field

1. Personal Finance Advisor

“annual package: $81000- 110000$+ Source)

These experts work with businessmen (rather than the entire company). Their task is to develop an effective strategy for maintaining their clients’ tax, investment, and financial decisions. They also offer advice on different investment opportunities to secure low-risk, high returns.

2. Financial Manager

“annual salary: $110,714 – $139,763+ ( Source)

Businesses hire these professionals to create and analyze the business’s financial reports. The objective of financial managers is to guide the company in a better way to produce growth with fewer expenses. They also work as a customer service representatives. Due to the market conditions after covid-19, firms are looking for the best finance managers. 

3. Loan Officer

“Average annual salary: $48,789-70000$+ (Source)

The primary task of a loan officer is to assess companies’ assets and approve loans to businesses or individuals based on DBR. Loan officers earn commission by granting the loan.

4. Financial Software Developer

“Average annual salary: $84020-140470$+ ( Source )

From multi-national companies to smaller businesses, everyone wants an online presence to increase credibility and sales. Software developers are always in demand. Usually, the salary depends upon skills.

5. Compliance analyst

“Average annual salary: $50000- 86000$+ ( Source)

Suppose you choose to become a compliance analyst. In that case, you are in charge of auditing organizations as per governing agencies as you are aware that the company’s growth depends upon long-term economic strength.

6. Accountant

“Approximately annual package: $52,473- 820000+ (Source)

As you are aware, there are different types of accountants. The junior one is a daily-paying job. As an accountant with a higher rank, the job is to establish their tax and income figures for the company.

7. Private Equity Associate

“Average annual salaries: 91000$- 120000$+ ( Source )

Your role as an associate of private equity is to prepare a comprehensive analysis and research report about the current function of the business. In addition, you have to observe the industry and provide financial services and plan.

8. Fund Manager

“Average annual salary: $120000-145,768$+ (Source)

This job offers a competitive salary. It is similar to banking, but they deal with a huge amount of cash. It is a tough full-time job. They also work as a sales representative.

9. CFO

“Average annual salary: $400000-500000$+ (Source)

CFO is the short form of Chief Financial Officer, and their role is to oversee and supervise all financial activities running within a business. CFO’s position is a major and challenging job as they have to take significant risks and decisions. It is one of the highest-paying jobs.

 This is our guide to “What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field”.

What are the main types of CS?

Retail and Wholesale Services.
Education Services.
Health and Social Services.
Leisure and Hospitality.

Name some of the CS firms?


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