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Body Modification Ezine also arranges the BME Pain Olympics to discover the person with the highest pain tolerance. Participants execute severe presentations of body transformation and cock-and-ball torment, as well as physical mutilations. BME collects the most stunning and troubling entries into a sequence that has encouraged controversy, condemnation, and response videos online.

While some may argue the videos displaying acts are fake, others treat tapes as real, questioning themselves to document and record their responses.

How BME Pain Olympics Video Started?

Shannon Larratt, a Canadian author and body-modification lover, established BME in 1994 as a site. The website was the ultimate reference for body change, including tattoos, piercing, and other states of body mutation.

Although the precise date of the first Pain Olympics is unspecified, it is possible that it happened in 2002 or 2003. Some argue that the first one carried out in 2002.

Yet, BME’s website wiki comments that BME hosted its first “BMEfest” in 2003 in Tweed (Ontario, Canada), where the first contest began.

The affairs included forehead stretching, hot spice drinking, and defining how much weight one can hold in a suspension. This event would be held every year until 2008.

The website was founded on September 24, 2004. It hosts the video.

How It Got Viral?

A viral internet videotape named “Final Round” was created in 2007. It is not connected to the BME. However, it achieved rage through a series of response videos.

The video has been seen and elevated by many web surfers and prominent bloggers like Joe Rogan, comic and podcast broadcaster.

It has also been the topic of many reaction videos on YouTube (shown below). Two men can be seen portraying genital self-mutilation using a meat cutter. The video is set to Mortification’s “Livin’ Like a Zombie.” BMEzine’s actual video has a message at its end, ensuring that it is fake.


However, many other videos on other websites don’t have this note. Shannon Larratt (the creator of the video) claims that the two “competitors,” who are one person, used prosthetic cosmetics. The video does not include any body modifications.

In the video, people began publishing parodies that year using hot dogs and other phallic things. A version posted by YouTuber gabrockstar on November 28, 2007, acquired over 2 million views.

Youtuber Whang Response

YouTuber Whang! Posted a “Tales from the Internet” explainer video on August 10, 2020. YouTuber Whang! broadcasted an explainer video called “Tales from the Internet.” This video has been viewed more than 1 Million times in 1 year.

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