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Mercari is a marketplace with yearly sales approaching more than US $1 Billion. People buy and sell everything here. Such huge traffic each month opens the door for spammers too. The marketplace itself is completely legit and safe but there are few tips I would share below before you start buying or selling on Mercari.


It is a mobile-focused C2C marketplace app that allows users to sell items using mobile phones. Previously, purchasing and selling secondhand items was conducted through physical stores. But, it was difficult because of the long distance needed to travel to these stores, the limited range of products, and the higher prices apply to both the seller and buyer.

The online auction websites allow you to buy and sell items with a complex listing and long bidding time.

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People can buy and sell products using smartphones on this platform. They offer affordable shipping options due to their alliances with delivery companies. People can sell unwanted items and buy unique secondhand goods.

is mercari legit

Is Mercari legit?

The short answer is yes. The marketplace itself is genuine. The spammers sign up here as a buyer or seller.

Avoiding spam as a seller

First, we need to understand that Mercari can’t protect all customers. They need client support, too. Below are three most common scams reported:

1. Making transactions outside Mercari

A potential buyer who appears friendly and shows a great desire to buy items. He will appear confident and honest. He will make excuses to take you out of the marketplace because of:

  1. Trust issues.
  2. My payment is not getting accepted. 

You exchange data outside, and then within 1 hour, your phone is ringing, and yes, that’s a call from your bank. This may happen in rare cases, buy why would you take the risk? While sellers know the dangers of selling items outside the platform, some may agree to avoid the seller’s fee.

They can’t take a commission from the products sold outside their website, but they are not responsible for fraud either. The buyer is not always lying:

The buyer’s claim is sometimes true. It happens when purchasing online because the products you see in images can be a little different

  1. Reality and expectation issues
  2. Communication gap

This can be a mistake of anyone. 

2. Competitors with fake accounts

Another type of scam is when competitors send you messages to start a fight. They use several accounts and social media networks to spread a negative image of the seller. 

They will order in-expensive items to give negative ratings to your listing. Negative ratings will scare off your potential clients, benefitting your competitors.

You should email the Contact us team and attach link to fake account immediately.

You can also contact them on phone numbers (888-325-2168).

3. Item switching scam

At this point, scammers have updated their impassiveness to 2.0. Some buyers don’t play around, making excuses for a refund. They make the situation terrible by returning an item with an empty box, inferior quality product, or size changes.

The scammers do this type of scam with expensive items such as jewelry or branded watches.

First, you are not getting paid for a product. Secondly, you are not even getting your product back. It is a double punishment. If this unfortunate event occurs, inform about the scam in the shortest time possible.

When the investigation starts, they will collect photos of the returning products from the buyer as they review the evidence provided by both parties. 

You are only eligible for protection if you are protected under seller protection.

I got scammed, What do I do?

Make sure you have photographic evidence and draft an authentic mail. The Mercari decision depends on many factors. If you lose a case, take it as an experience as a seller in the e-commerce marketplace.

Be consistent in your follow-ups if team fails to respond.

Avoiding Spam as a Buyer

The Better Business Bureau gives Mercari an “A” rating. But it gets 1 star from the BBB, with more than 2,000+ complaints in the past three years about poor client service.

1. Self-Rating fraud

This fraud is everywhere on the internet. The online marketplaces are working to find the solution. In this fraud, the seller creates a fake account and orders cheap items from the listing, giving fake full time ratings to gain customer trust.

When a real customer buys something expensive from the listing, he will get an empty box or fake item.

2. Claim For Refund Within three days

This paragraph is for you if you don’t read the marketplace guideline. There is another fraud that sellers use to rob people. Get the customer service department involved if you’ve got someone who has promised you an answer but didn’t provide it on time. 

You get three days to claim a return. You may become a victim if the seller manages to pass three days.

3. Fake Item delivery / No Item Delivery

It was a big issue when it was first beginning to grow. The seller sends the “item” to you on their own and then shares the tracking number. After the transporter has accepted the item, the seller calls to change the delivery address. The delivery location is a random place within your city.

When the trash is delivered, the scammers wait for three days until the rating period is passed. The seller will then have the money and the item. Use the Mercari shipping system and follow the tracking without negligence. 

When you see an item listed as delivered but you don’t receive it, you must file a claim within three days.

👍 General tips

is mercari legit

Be honest with your Information.

Be transparent even with the smallest of mistakes. If you’ve exceeded the product description’s word count limit, ensure you include photographs explaining the remaining details.

 The actual color may be challenging to determine, so make sure you have a statement that states that any slight variance in the product’s color can be due to the screen’s colors.

Mismatching in size is very common.

In addition to the size printed on the shipping label, Include the actual dimensions as far as you can.

Some buyers return or refund items.

They experience severe case of buyer’s remorse and are seeking confidence that the thing they’ve purchased is worthy of keeping.

If they decide to reach out, keep a professional attitude and don’t be defensive. Excellent customer service after sales keeps the matter from getting out of hand.

Mercari works when you stay inside the platform. If you buy or sell something outside, they won’t take the responsibility.

Protect your Information

 Don’t share your Personal Information, such as your Twitter id or Whatsapp number. Use a secure, long, and difficult password. Use the Avast Passwords generator to create strong passwords. Don’t buy products with fake ratings such as all five stars or no reviews. Don’t share details of your account information with anyone.

When you receive an item, You have three days to confirm the product condition in the manner described. You’ll have three days from the delivery date to request a refund.

Use credit cards instead of debit cards.

The threat of fraud remains in the background. There is no issue with debit cards, but credit cards often provide extra security for online transactions. The seller must deliver the item within three business days after the purchase.

Get a valid tracking number for the item you plan to ship to finish the transaction. They are not responsible for packages that don’t have a valid tracking number.

Use Pre-paid label

Pack items safely to avoid damage. Do not write the fake title of the product you’re selling. It is possible to ship your order using the prepaid label. But, when the weight is more than 150 pounds, you’ll need to send it on your own.

How can you safeguard yourself from fraud?

  • Be determined to maintain and establish an excellent reputation as a seller on Mercari.
  • Follow all guidelines of the marketplace.
  • Create a seller profile with excellent ratings and feedback from satisfied customers.

This may frighten fraudsters. At the same time, you’re a good seller who doesn’t sell prohibited products, delivers items in time, and always provides accurate photos.

Wrap up your items in the appropriate box.

Use Insurance

To ensure your security, you may wish to consider taking advantage of the shipping protection. It covers $200 of insurance in case of damage or loss to your object while it is in transportation. 

If you’re shipping by yourself, use the courier’s insurance. Then enter the tracking number in the system to ensure shipment transparency.

Be efficient

  • Maintain open communication and be fast in responding.
  • Fast response to a question or notice can win your case.
  • Late and informal replies looks unnatural.

Time is money

Scammers targeting sellers win the lawsuit and get a refund, not because they provided vital pieces of evidence; the reason is, Mercari contacted the seller but he fails to respond in time.

As the website owner, ensure that you check your emails and orders to ensure you’re not missing any cancellations and requests.

is mercari safe

👎 Prohibited Items

Selling any prohibited products can result in severe consequences for the seller.

Here’s the list of items you aren’t able to sell:

  • Dropshipping is not allowed.
  • FDA restricted items, such as food products
  • Counterfeit products include the listings of non-brands
  • Pornographic material, such as sexually explicit toys
  • Human body components, such as blood
  • Weapons, such as firearms or their parts
  • Digital products like e-books,
  • Mystery boxes.
  • Tobacco and alcohol
  • Identity theft, for example, user login details.
  • Licenses, for example, are products that have an age limit.
  • Mystery boxes.
  • Insurance
  • Animals, such as cats and dogs.
  • Human body components, such as blood
  • Weapons, such as firearms or their parts
  • Digital products like e-books,
  • Anything illegal like drugs, for example
  • Things like viruses

Alternatives to Mercari

Here are the top services like Mercari that provide rewards and a marketplace for selling and purchasing fashion goods.

1. Letgo

It is an iOS and Android smartphone app that enables you to sell and purchase from people in your nearby surroundings.

It is the ideal site for reselling unwanted items. You may use it to find deals and earn money.

As a dealer, you must list your goods on the application and watch for a possible buyer to contact you.

If you find a potential purchaser, you must negotiate, sell the product, provide a money-back guarantee, and then arrange a meeting.

2. ThredUP

ThredUP is a marketplace for like-new, good leather apparel. In comparison to other marketplaces, it most closely resembles a traditional resale business.

It will handle your products after your order and ship a “Clean Out Kit.”  They will manage all of your sales. As per their blog, just 40% of products are approved on typical; however, there are ways to boost those chances.


Tradesy is a secondhand marketplace for female luxury apparel, cosmetics, and footwear. They only permit selling 100% genuine brand apparel in excellent or lightly used.

Here is a summary of what needs to offer and how to market it:

The most popular products are luxury handbags (such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Prada. It is followed by other accessories, footwear, and clothing. The expensive brands are running smoothly here.

Technology (such as Fitness trackers or Apple TVs), perfumes, confidantes, dress shoes and apparel, family products, free stuff or sampling goods, and wrapping such as trash bags, packages, or carrier bags are prohibited subcategories.

Refund & return Conditions

Before we begin, let’s determine the acceptable conditions for refunds and returns that we have gathered from their website:

  •  Item is mismatching.
  •  Incorrect/missing item.
  •  The seller has not yet shipped the item on Mercari.
  •  There is no indication of damage caused to the product.

In this case, there are no refunds:

  •  Transactions are carried out offline.
  •  It was well-described.
  •  This item does not fit.
  •  A change of mind.
  •  Return request made after item rated.
  •  Request for return made after three days of receiving.

More on return policy

The seller can avoid problems with positive profile reviews and truthful product descriptions. The scammer will not come after you because he must provide strong evidence from miscommunicated items. 

Good listings show the credibility of a seller—the seller who is constantly updated.

Minor account guideline

These restricted accounts make minors secure from cyber attacks and online scams. Under the terms of Service (TOS), you must be 18 years old to open an account.

When you create an account, you sign the terms of a legally binding contract. Before a person can sign a legally binding agreement, also known as Contract, they must meet the contract age. 

The legal contract age is 18 years old.

Minors who are under 13 cannot utilize services. Anyone under 18 years and at least 13 years older can access services only when they are registered under the name of their parent or guardian, with the appropriate consent and acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in TOS.

Terms and Conditions

  • Any selling of product must be under the supervision of the guardian.
  • The financial details on the account, including the Information about checkout and transactions. The details include credit cards, debit, prepaid cards, and bank accounts. It must be the responsibility of the legal guardian.
  • The registration and contact details must be of the legal guardian or parent who holds the account.

Minor Account Tax Information

The identity or tax information provided must be the responsibility of the legal guardian, parent, or guardian who is the account owner.

Which are the most famous items that you can sell?

Electronic devices, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and clothes are among the best-selling items. The list may change over time.

The ultimate safety

The safety guideline is to make a contactless payment. You don’t need to meet people to buy or sell products. Buying on mercari gives three days to examine an item before rating and making a payment. It will ensure you receive what you pay.

How does customer service function?

Customer services are available 24 hours. They reply between 3-6 hours.

Will Mercari refund money if I get deceived?

You have three days after the delivery date to request a refund. After 3 days, Mercari won't entertain any claims.

Is eBay better than Mercari?

Mercari is more user friendly. If you are newbie, you can start using Mercari right now. If you have items to list, you can sign up and start listing.

What are some alternatives to Mercari?

Amazon and ebay are the most popular alternatives.

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