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Skullcandy crusher 2014, a music technology brand that creates high-quality headphones is remarkable. These headphones were released in 2014, and they stunned the earth. The headphones are famous due to their emphatic amount of bass, which you can sense in your bones. The expense varies from $70-100 per pair, which has helped them gain a more youthful audience.

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In-depth BassRestricted inline powers
Appealing CostHit or miss bass driver
Admirable SoundCups lacking separating seals

⇒ Portable and comfy 

You can pick from various colors, including black, red, and camo. The headphones’ comfortable design will permit you to listen to music for hours. Because you can fold and put in a backpack or travel bag, they are portable. The headphones’ top has a rubber bar with rigid that helps grip your head. Although it looks uncomfortable, it is not.

The artificial leather in the ear cups is soft against your head and ears.

⇒ Dimensions and sound rate 

These headphones are bigger and you can wear them over your ears. They are large because they harbor two drivers and an amplifier. You will find the traditional audio input and chrome grills at the bottom of each ear. They make a pleasing rattling sound when you turn up the bass, but they can sometimes sound recessed.

Low volume can make the vocals sound far away, but you can hear more of them if you crank up the volume.

⇒ Skullcandy crusher 2014 Bass features

Skull Candy described this component, and it is wonderful! These headphones are bass boosted that is unmatchable by any other brand. The headphones are noisy and have incredible bass, but the sound quality is not as useful.

⇒ Is It Good?

Yes! These headphones are amazing for those who adore bass. They are a great choice for those looking for a more reasonable option than Airpods, which can cost $200+. If you’re a headphone expert, these might not be the best headphones for you.

Imagine being in a car with subwoofers so loud it would blow your roof off.

It is a great way to describe these headphones. These headphones are great for college, middle, and high school students. It is the time of our lives when we want to groove to the music. You’ll notice that the sound quality is not great, but it’s still acceptable.

⇒ What Makes Them Outstanding?

If you are looking for a pair of headphones that will fit your needs, a pair can be a great choice.

➜ These headphones have the excellent sound quality to hear the instruments and vocals.

➜ Make sure you fit your head and feel comfortable.

➜ Keep listening so that you can enjoy music while on the move or exercising.

➜ They are less priced, and are affordable.

➜ They are lightweight and flexible so that they won’t crack on impact. You won’t damage them by dropping on the ground or placing them in your backpack.

➜ You can hear the bass and vibrations of the drums.

The Crusher utilizes AA batteries, but the rechargeable battery provides them 24 hours of playback.

⇒ Pros

These headphones offer a superb deal if you want bass-heavy headphones. You can use them to enhance concert recordings by adding bass.

The Bass slider doesn’t have to be all or nothing. It is something I respect. I was able to change the bass for each artist on the site, which kept me with the Crushers. The recording quality of  in-line mic is decent.

They come with two drivers, the Sensation 55, and the REX40 drivers, providing good sound quality and bass you can feel.

Battery Life

They have an AA cell that provides up to 38 hours of battery life, making them excellent for long sessions.

However, you should note that the battery life will be briefer if you set the slider to the max bass. If you put the slider to 0, the battery life will be much longer.

Frequency Response

The frequency response feeling is moderate. The headphones produce decent bass over five subjects. The highest deviation is 3dB at 20Hz. The headphone earcups look fantastic and are about the same size as a giant computer mouse. The inside is striped with padding for comfort and passive noise isolation.

⇒ Cons

This one has a strong bass, but the Sensation55 driver occasionally doesn’t know when to add its rich charisma to songs. This feature will work with pop, jazz, and hip-hop, but it will not function nicely with other tune genres.

Because of their limited motion, the cups did not deliver a tight seal around my ears. As it moves head, pockets of outside noise got into my ears. Only a Play Pause button and microphone is available on the inline controls. Although it’s great to have these functions, controls for volume adjustment would be appreciated.

This headset is sturdy, and the earcups are not the most relaxing. It does everything well. It may be suitable if you are okay with the lack of multipoint or high-tech functional elements like active noise cancelling.

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The Bottom Line

With powerful bass drivers shaking, the Crusher lathers a fun, dense, gooey coat of bass to every song driven through its cans. The Skullcandy crusher wireless is better than this version in many ways.

With a AA battery-fueled amplifier powering two different drivers (one for bass, the other drives the rest of the sound), the Crusher delivers a beautiful, original concert-quality adventure at its best. Unfortunately, the quality of the performance doesn’t traverse the range of famous music with dignity.

The Skullcandy Crusher 2014 are superior for those who need to hear a powerful beat. The Skullcandy Crusher headphones have impressive bass.

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