Ashley Piercing- A Brief Guide About Ashley Piercing

Ashley piercing or a single piercing has a bizarre name. Although the single-stud piercing is not necessarily named after an individual, many believe this name came from a person named Ashly. “Much like many piercings names, they are all mystery,” says William Thompson, a professional piercer at Blacklisted Tattoo in Crown Point. The real name  is an inverted vertical labret. The typical vertical labret has at least two visible points. 

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What is Ashley Piercing?

“An Ashley Piercing is a single piercing which goes through the middle of the bottom lip and exits through the back,” says Kynzi Gamle, a professional tattoo parlor at Ink’d Up Tattoo Parlor, Boaz, AL.

Ashley piercing can be more complicated as they are pierced to your anatomy. To ensure that it looks good, consult a piercer before having it done. Thompson says that it is important to consider the anatomy of your lips and teeth. This means avoiding any veins or damage to the gum lining.

The piercer will clean the area first before marking the location. Some piercers will use forceps to keep the lip in place. Others may do it freehand. Once the mark has been approved, the needle is pushed through your lip, and the jewelry is placed.

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Joshua Zeichner MD, Associate Professor and Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, says that Ashley’s piercings should be performed by someone who is experienced. If it goes wrong, it can cause skin trauma. Zeichner says, “It is important that the person executing  understands the structure of the lips to avoid injury to blood vessels or nerves.”

Suffering and healing time

Piercing may hurt. After all, it’s a needle (also read microneedling for acne scars cost) being pushed through the skin. Your patience will decide how much pain you feel. Thompson estimates that it will be a number between five and six on a scale from one to 10.

Thompson says that it isn’t painful but it can lead to lip swelling. Gamble states that the average heal time is between 12-16 Weeks. You will need to change your jewelry during the healing period. Thompson says that a longer barbell should be used by your piercer to reduce swelling. 

The client will visit a piercer for post-shortening after a few weeks.

Ashley Piercing Pricing

The cost depends on many features such as the shop, the experience of the piercer, and the location. Gamble advises choosing a reputable and experienced piercer. Gamble says that the range in my area is between $40 to $80. “But be cautious when you go to places that have very low pricing. You get what you pay for!”

Ashley Piercing Description
PLACEMENTThe bottom lip
PAIN LEVEL6 out of 10
Healing Time12-16 weeks


Ashley piercing requires more care than an ear-piercing. This is because you are dealing with an oral procedure. It’s important that you clean the area around the jewelry. Gamble says that because the jewelry is in your mouth, where food and drinks go, it’s important for you to clean it after each meal.

ashley piercing

Gamble suggests using an alcohol-free, half-and-half-water-dilutive mouthwash for cleaning. Use it to rub the position two times a day. Please do not touch the wound while it is healing.

Side effects of Ashley piercing

Side EffectsDescription
InfectionPiercings that outstretch from the outside to inside the lip can increase chances of getting infection,," says Zeichner. It can be not easy to have a piercing in the inner lip. Food can get trapped around it.
ScarringA scar is formed when jewelry is annoyed during the healing process. They can cause damage to the piercing area, but they aren't dangerous. Keloids can develop if irritation is left untreated. Although they aren't painful, these are scar tissue buildups around the piercing site. They can become quite large.
SwellingAshley's piercings need to be removed as soon as possible after they have healed completely. The bar that a piercer uses to support swelling tends to be long. It's normal to see some swelling, and your jewelry may feel a little looser after the healing period.

How to change?

Gamble recommends that you reduce the size, once it’s healed. This will allow for a more permanent fit. Gamble says that while it is a good idea to begin piercings with a little more of a labret bar to allow swelling to occur, once the piercing has healed, it’s time to reduce the length of your labret stud. This will allow you to be more comfortable and avoid rubbing against your teeth. You can always change the jewelry yourself once you have downsized. 

You can remove the jewelry’s top and attach a new one. The fixed back should not be removed after it has been placed by your piercer.

Type of Jewelry

Labret Stud: Labret studs are jewelry that has a flat, fixed back and a removable, threaded accessory like a ball on the front. Labret studs can be used to pierce the lips, but they may also be used on the ears or nose. The jewelry is installed by first marking the area and then passing a needle through it.

What jewelry is used for Ashley piercing?

Zeichner says, “Make sure you use an Inert Metal, which are unlikely to cause an allergic response in the skin.”

Implant Grade Stainless Steel

This is the most popular jewelry metal, but it does have nickel which can cause allergic resections. It is safe but it can cause allergic reactions if it comes in contact with nickel.


If you are a fan of gold jewelry, make sure to choose a metal with a 14-karat or higher. If the metal is soft, it will attract bacteria.


If you are concerned about allergic reactions or irritation, choose the safest option: titanium. This metal is free of nickel and won’t tarnish. It’s also lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about chaning.

Pure Sterling Sterling Silver

 Sterling is another popular option. However, you should talk to your piercer first as it can grow bacteria if it’s too soft, like gold.

William Thompson He is an expert piercer at Blacklisted Tattoo in Indiana.
Kynzi GambleA professional at Baoz,Al.
Joshua ZeichnerHe is an associate professor and Director of Cosmetic, Clinical research at the Mount Sinai Hospital, New York.

Pros And Cons


  • Inverse labrets can highlight the lips and draw attention to the mouth. The effect increases with bright lipstick for a unique look.
  • This piercing is designed to center the facial features and can be combined or complemented by other facial piercings such as septum or medusa.  


  • Ashley piercings can be painful as they perforate large amounts of lip tissue. Consider your pain tolerance when considering whether this piercing might be right for you.
  • It must be done correctly. An unplanned procedure may result in impairing muscle movement. A professional will make your procedure run as smoothly as possible.


Finding an expert is the first step. Professionals will explain the procedure to you. They also need you to fill out paperwork. The professional will clean your lips and set up the area for a sanitary procedure. They will mark the area with a surgical pen. It is an important step for both safety and aesthetics. Make sure to pay close attention to your piercer’s directions and be happy with the location before moving forward.

The clamp will hold your lip in place, and a hollow needle will quickly perforate it. After that, your professional will place jewelry. 

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The Bottom line:

A complete healing process may take between 2 and 3 months. Individual healing times will vary and you will need to be vigilant about your aftercare. Ashley piercing requires two types of cleaning. You can use saltwater to clean the inside. Make sure there’s no food or debris around. Use mouthwash regularly to keep your teeth clean and avoid touching it while it heals.

To clean the outside, you can use saltwater or Tea Tree Oil twice regularly to gently bathe them.

Where do I find experts near me?

Simply type on google mentioning your current location and you will find nearby professionals.

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