Will Tesla Phone Use Solar Charging & Satellite Internet?

Tesla Phone rumors are spreading on the internet. We have not been able to find any reasonable proof of Tesla cellphones, but it got us guessing. What would a smartphone made by the top car manufacturer look like?

Tesla Phone 

Tesla is well-known for releasing creative but still on-brand products such as the Cybertruck-inspired, all-electric car for kids, an umbrella forged with their symbol, and a stainless steel whistle. Although it wouldn’t seem as dramatic to add a mobile, its release isn’t as apparent as the other products.

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We aren’t sure if this mobile will ever be released. Here are some explanations:

  • The stories mostly come from an early 2021 YouTube clip from adrstudiodesign. Regardless, they comment that these are the designer’s creations and not real leaks or features from Tesla. Many of the rumors that we have seen are established on this source.
  • These attributes will be covered in more detail below. However, the goals for this mobile are too far-reaching to be applicable right now. These abilities do not need to be incorporated into the first version of the mobile. A machine may still be in development without them. You can be uncertain about these ideas being floated so early.
  • It would be useless to work on a such phones if one of the side effects or plans of brain-connected technology such as Neuralink is to stop all mobile phones.

These explanations may not be enough. Here is a statement by Telsa’s CEO about the future of these mobiles.

tesla phone

If the mobile is genuine and has a basic structure with a few rumored features, the price would presumably cost between $800 and $1,200.

Release Date

Although some people claim that it will release in 2022. We will take Musk’s tweet to verify that these are rumors. Although they may release it someday. It’s possible that it can be released in the future, but not earlier than 2030.

Tesla Phone Features

Tesla Phone

1. Satellite internet

SpaceX has space-based Internet service, Starlink. Elon Musk, the CEO of both, is close to SpaceX. These can be used to finance Mars colonization, which has been the business’s goal since its inception. They will need to hide the extensive antennas satellite smartphone usage and still deliver helpful service with such a tiny machine.

It can work in places where Starlink is already present, such as in a building or, if ever it happens, in a Tesla automobile fitted with a suitable antenna.

2. Solar charging

Tesla makes solar panels and autos, so they may include this feature. Although it is doubtful that the it will rely only on solar power. It may have a Tesla-branded case that authorizes some solar charging.

3. Neuralink

While the concept of computers connecting with the brain sounds untrue, Neuralink has been working on it. They proclaim they are designing the first neural implant that allows you to handle a mobile or computer from anywhere.

Tesla can be the first smartphone to acquire such an accomplishment. It’s likely to run an early version on any phone with the Neuralink App. Yet, it will make more logic to have it here since Musk owns Neuralink.

It is far more possible to see something tiny become public, i.e., the first four to five qualities, tied in with a Tesla-branded Android version.

We’ll need to wait for implantable brain-machine interfaces before this phone becomes a truth. Although Musk would like to see this technology in humans starting in 2022. It won’t be readily available to all because the initial goal of the technology was to assist people with paralysis.

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4. Vehicle control

A smartphone app authorizes you to control fundamental operations such as locking/unlocking the car, handling media playback, and calling the vehicle. If not already inaugurated on the working system, this app will most likely be preinstalled on your phone. It allows you to access the app straight from the lock screen or external controllers. The app may only offer this to Tesla cellphone owners.

5. Crypto mining

It may mine cryptocurrency. It’s convincing to believe that Musk would want this power into his new phone. Musk has expressed his feelings about cryptocurrency in the past. Although Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency but Musk favors Dogecoin.

There is a rumor that these phone may mine a unique coin called MarsCoin. This is a name Musk has tweeted about. It will demand heavy hardware to make it function properly.

6. Astrophotography

The existing phones already have top cameras and AI to help night sky photography. You may take outstanding space photos if you add SpaceX’s extraterrestrial focal on your phone.

Expected Price

A tesla phone with the above specs might cost a few thousand bucks. The price of coming versions may fall as more people use the technology. However, we don’t think the first version will be affordable to the most people.

The Conclusion

These are assumptions about this phone. With no dependable sources, it is unclear what the phone might look like. It will contain all the standard features such as 1-2 TB storage, 16GB RAM or more, and a screen of roughly 6.5 inches.

Pre-orders can begin earlier if there is a report several months before the official release. We don’t know when pre-orders can start, as we don’t have a release date of tesla phone.

If we find trustworthy news concerning the release, we’ll link our readers for pre-ordering.

The rumors are not astonishing, considering Tesla’s progressive existing products like the Cybertruck’s nearly incomprehensible exoskeleton or bioweapon defense mode found in other cars.

The exterior of the Tesla Phone Model P is displayed in the concept design created by ADR Studio

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